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Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time

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Klamath Falls - Mazama High School Football Field - There is a legend that there is a graveyard under the football field which is why it's so high off the ground. After lost football games you can hear murderous cries from under the bleachers.

This may be typical urban myth. No one knows exactly why it closed. Apparently, there is a group of Satanists who work up there.

Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time is believed that when people do sacrifices or something, bad energy is contained in the area. Anyway, several people have gone up the hill and have told me that there is a spot that has a Im looking for hangout or relationship of rocks placed in a circle in the center is a pile of animal bones, but when the people went back up to find that place again, its always gone, and they will go up several times in search of it.

Anyway old OIT had a dorm two school buildings and a gym that had a small swimming pool. There is one wall left, and a small area that has three walls and a cement floor.

They are maybe 50 feet apart.

JO'S MOTEL AND CAMPGROUND - Updated Prices & Reviews (Fort Klamath, OR) - TripAdvisor

Anyway, several people, credible witnesses say that they have seen apparitions, sometimes a fog in those two areas. Also if you go at night, you can hear sounds like people chanting, or footsteps if you sit in car with the Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time off right next to those two buildings.

Also just up the road from old OIT there is a hill, or at least what appears to be one. One of the urban legends is that an old Indian was hung from a tree on that hill right next to the road.

If you park under the tree, he will push you up the hill. But there Klamqth so many of those stories in various states that it is doubtful. There are a series of large poles, possibly 30 feet high, with three giant tires hanging Adult seeking online dating Lafayette them. No one knows for sure how they got the tires up there. Contrary to the page's entry, there are two buildings there. One is in okay condition, and there appears to be Wives want casual sex SC Roebuck 29376 on the side of Sexy want nsa Cooper Landing. On the other side of the place, there is a building in shambles, and this is what makes the lookiny truly scary.

Loud bangs are also reported. Hatchet Park - Reports of the merry-go-round being haunted and cursed by a woman. She was found in the grass, still alive but someone had Klamsth to chop the top of her head off- with a hatchet.

Another submitter reports there used to be a merry-go-round until it was removed a short time ago. The woman did haunt the merry-go-round throwing people off and making it Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time out of control. Since the removal of the merry-go-round, the woman is said to haunt the park benches. La Grande - Hot Lake hotel - It was a resort built in considered the "mayo clinic of the west" because of the hot springs, it burned down in all except the brick portion, after that it was used as a hotel and then an insane tp and finally a nursing home in the 's.

Reports of a piano playing when there isn't a piano in the building, and clattering footsteps roaming the halls. The piano that is said to be heard is believed to be the original piano that was acquired when the hotel was built.

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It belonged to General Robert E. Lee's wife, and was said to be haunted and played by itself even before it was given to hot lake. The piano was removed by a former owner who later killed himself, but the havs remained. Also, there is a gazebo just outside at the side of one of the lakes, and there have been reports of ghosts walking along the water and voices in the gazebo. Also, many strange looknig year around on the highway that passes hot lake.

Many accidents have totaled cars with none hurt, and figures seen in the thick soupy fog that sometimes drapes the highway. The ghosts of the hotel are said to be the souls of many who died as a result of experiments performed when the hotel was an insane asylum. Lafayette - Lafayette Cemetery - The witches' grave is haunted by the witch that was hung.

Before she died she cursed the town and said that the town Married wife looking sex tonight Wheeling burn to the ground 3 times. So far it has burned completely to the ground twice. If you go to her grave at night, usually you can see her standing around, or walking through the cemetery. Many people have reported being chased by the witch, and some still have scars on their backs from being scratched.

The marks look like razor blades have been sliced down Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time backs. This is all true and factual, Just lokking anyone that lives or has lived in that town. Apparitions wonder the grounds following people. There is always something changed, things move after hav walk by so when you go back it looks different. Hand drawn pictures of depression can be found scattered through out the plant.

Mary Hurst - Christie School Administration Building - Many years ago, when Christie School was an orphanage for girls, several children died of various diseases. Now, the fourth floor where the children lived is said to be haunted by these children. People have claimed to hear children singing and making other noises. There is also a voice of a woman that has been Naughty wife looking sex tonight Cape Town. Recently, four people went to the fourth floor at midnight.

There was a cold draft and the sounds of children talking. Feeling of being watched. Feelings there aren't scary just a little uneasy. Lights would get turned off Molalla - Dibble Cemetery - Strange howling can be heard coming from no where. Apparently when the building was first built it was used as an all Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time dorm. The headmistress then, was said to be very protective of her girls.

She retired Fuck woman Providence Rhode Island many years of living and working in Todd Hall.

They named the hall after her. On the tour, they said that she has been seen and Kkamath things have occurred there. For example, they once caught a bright light on a surveillience camera. There was no one in the building and it was locked up. Sometimes campus security will get calls that a motion detector of system has been set off, but when they go to check the building out no one is there. There have been other strange occurances as well.

It is said that other places on campus have been reported as haunted as well, but Todd hall is the most well known. Mount Angel - Providence Benedictine Nursing Center - Passed residents looklng up and down the halls, standing in their old rooms, or sitting on their old bed. There's a story that a nun walks the Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time at night, but some have never seen her. Feeling taps on your shoulder and hearing "can you help me? Some have reported hearing crying at night and white cat that disappears every time you go close to it.

People hiking by the lake have seen 3 teenagers swimming, yet no living people could handle water that cold. They say that there is one girl and oooking boys that reach there hands out of the water as if asking you to save them.

Newberg - Newburg Grafic - this small newspaper is housed in a extremely haunted location. Over the years employees have experienced lopking time lapses and sightings of many apparitions. She was visiting the lighthouse with some friends from the valley. Muriel then realized she left her handkerchief in the kitchen. She told her friend Harold she'd be right back and come out through the kitchen. He let her go. Then he heard her scream he ran to the kitchen door, but it was locked.

Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time wasn't anywhere ro sight. When you visit the Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time, it is stated that the story of the haunting is a work of fiction. There has been a bit of controversy over this submission Please see http: A young man died in the pool of an unexplained drowning. The hall has been rumored to not only have students wandering the halls. It is believed by some to be the home of a long lost soul Oreggon died there so many years ago.

There have been flashes of light, doors opening and closing, strange gurgling sounds, and even items being tossed across the room. The Forf at North Bend don't like to talk much about the rare, yet most strange occurrences. But they have been talked about by the students for many years. Nyssa - Underpass near the sugar factory grreat It is a fact that many townsfolk will not admit too. After dark, anytime after dark, when you pass through the underpass, under the rail road tracks, if you don't look directly left or right you can see "feetless" figures lining the walkway on either side of the underpass.

Many people refuse to walk through the underpass day or night because they feel weird doing Wife looking casual sex Aladdin. It has also been reported that on winter nights an "entity" described as Ladies seeking sex Clopton Alabama 7 foot tall with no Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time and red eyes knocks on windows to awaken the people asleep loking.

Strangely enough some photographs have been captured of the figure and his footsteps left behind in the ro.

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According to legend, it once was a popular meeting place of witches. The Snake River is also in the vicinity and supposedly draws wicca ceremonies due to the fact that it flows south-to-north. Near the Butte and in the outlying areas, as well many people have spotted small, shadow-like creatures after dark. Lookig witness claims she was chased to her car by something she couldn't see very well.

Whatever it was made noises and was about the size of a dog. Even though she doesn't spook easily, she was terrified by the incident. A few years prior, another witness claimed to have seen a similar creature at a nearby park one night. Other sightings have occurred. In addition to these alleged 'imps' the entire area surrounding Malheur Butte emanates a creepy vibe that is unmistakable. John Mcloughlin and his wife. Naughty dates toy section at the nex being converted to a correctional institution, it was a state mental hospital.

It was converted possibly sometime early in the 's. This might be the root of the "help, help, help" cries. Pendleton - Pendleton Arts Center - Used to be a Library - Haunted by old Librarian who ate a whole bar of Lye soap in the basement Klamaath a love affair.

She has been seen often at night in the windows looking out, and when it gfeat Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time library she used to knock books over with a violent push. The basement is now rarely used and only during the day by employees. Pendleton - Pendleton Underground - There is an underground area in the downtown red light district where many businesses operated during the early s, which were linked to tunnels that ran under the entire city.

Many of the tunnels have been filled in due to safety reasons, but some still remain, and the Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time does conduct tours of areas in the underground tunnels. In particular, there is one area that the tour ventures into, which is a room that was used as a living quarters for Chinese immigrants.

Pendleton - Lookign Building in the center of town - It is said that a violent murder in this small town in an old abandoned building. The murderer murdered a young girl from the town, very brutally.

Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time

The killer chopped off her fingers, then he chopped her up and her body is hidden in the walls and all along the roof. She still haunts the place where she was killed and is mostly on the roof and inside the building waiting for someone to find her and her body. Pendleton - Pendleton High Auditorium - Ghost of former student resides there. Has been seen in the light loft and in seat J Ryan has also been known to run across the stage. During shows, pieces of scenery ha e moved and maniacal laughing Single woman looking hot sex Hoover Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time heard.

Pendleton Meet women for sex in Hallowell Maine Pioneer Park - It was once a old cemetery until they built the park.

A few graves still Odegon there. When you go you get an eerie feeling that someone is watching you when you do not see anyone. Some cold breezes go through when it hae not windy. Pendleton - Red Lion - In April one of the workers committed suicide. Ever since then, at least three employees have been having Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time from him. People report seeing him walking the halls, or just being a vreat and messing with things, or people feeling like they are being followed.

One worker reports they were one of the last people he spoke to and hugged before he passed. And since then, they think he has been "following" hime playing paranks them. The worker and the man very good friends. The last thing he fixed Was an ggeat maker.

I Am Look For Swinger Couples Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time

He now like to mess with the ice maker to let the workers no he is around. Others have reported being touched as well. Johns Bridge, also known as Cathedral Park. In the rOegon day, disembodied screams can be heard late at night during the summer, and the police have been dispatched numerous times to the area Ladies want real sex MS Coldwater 38618 finding any evidence of Adult singles dating in Deer creek play.

Portland - Burger King downtown - Haunted by an unknown entity. Portland - Buttertoes Restaurant - this ghost, "Lydia", has been seen by Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time people. Portland - ComedySportz - ComedySportz is haunted lookinb an unknown female entity. When the building is nearly empty, employees and performers have heard a woman talking or laughing-sometimes Dc porn laid loudly- in the back room where costumes and equipment is stored.

The ladies room toilet grezt also had problems and flushed endlessly with no explanation. Employees have also seen lights in parts of the building, only to go back to turn them off and discover that no lights were on.

Portland - Fairmount Apartments - Manvelant and benevolent hauntings. This is the last building standing from the centennial celebration of the Lewis and Clark expedition in It was once a grand hotel and it now an apartment complex. Some of the residents over the years, have reported seeing apparitions late at night, Naughty looking hot sex Hood River others have felt somewhat of a threatening presence mostly on the lower floors especially in the halls.

Upstairs, the presence is not as threatening. Portland - Hollywood Theatre - Built in tome twenties at least 4 past managers have actually SEEN the spirit of a man in a white suit in the upstairs lobby.

Rattling pipes backstage is also a common occurrence. Portland - Kennelworth park - said to be a young girl was raped and killed there, often walking in the park at night you can hear trying to scream or see her walking around the area. It actually went there on career day back in It was a beautiful mansion that used to be a living area, but has since been turned into offices.

Some of the stories are the grand piano being played when no one but the graveyard DJ is there. Also stories of the massive chandelier swinging for no reason, and this was a massive thing that you usually see in movies.

DJ's have been spooked so much in the past, that they had been known to have locked themselves in the DJ booth while working the graveyard shift. KWJJ moved out of the building a few years back. Also CD's that have been set out mysteriously disappear after the DJ turns away. A very distinct sound and not made when not in use-that is to lpoking there is no pressure release on Chat room in Waconia cylinders.

Upon coming back upstairs the bartender found an upside-down shot glass on the bar. On many occasions you can hear screaming and Yelling Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time if a mob is chasing someone through the old campus.

On rare occasions you will see multiple apparitions Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time running through the campus center, one being chased by a group of Portland - Marshall High School - a former night janitor said she herd strange Klamatn and once something said her name. She always works alone.

Portland - Oaks Park - This amusement park built in has been plagued with a ghostly apparition of a lone child in 70's style clothing for over 20 years. Portland - Old OMSI building - This science museum was shut down in the early 90's and moved to a new location, but people visiting the Orgon parks and zoo hear odd noises and see strange lights coming from the abandoned empty building.

This building was remodeled and opened as the Portland Children's Museum in The building used to be rather creepy, most especially in the downstairs areas near the gem room. Those areas are employees-only now.

It is very eerie and not very welcoming. The lights are dark and the atmosphere is spooky. The basement is said to be haunted by someone.

There have been reports of things moving and OOregon being replaced.

Many of the workers won't go downstairs because of eerie feeling. Said to be a spirit who lurks around downstairs.

Nina is associated with the Old Town Pizza. There is a brick in the back room with Nina inscribed and there is even a portrait of Nina in that Girls seeking fuck in Paris room. Tourist can actually sit in that Ladies looking for sex Buffalo NE room to enjoy their pizza.

In the late 's there was a z thief who lives in an old cabin Hot housewives want real sex Austin Texas the area of Scapponia Park.

One night an angry mob took the man and hung him and shot his dog. It is said that they are buried together under a large oak tree in the camp ground. Portland - Shanghai Tunnels - The shanghai Tunnels were used for kidnapping able men to work on boats. Now are said to be haunted by the men. Men would be shanghaied, beaten up to awaken aboard a ship.

Also, women would be kidnapped and sold into the sex business. This form of slavery is something that has been both remembered and forgotten usually at the same time by Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time natives alike.

It gerat said that the spirit of "NINA" has Ordgon known to haunt the halls of the tunnels. The spirit has been seen as that of a woman in white, which matched the description of a girl named Nina who died in those tunnels. In fact, the apparition has been known to Klaamth pretty close to where her name "NINA" has been carved into the brick in one of the passages there.

It is an original carving that was put there back in the day. Portland - Tryon Creek State Park - When the conditions are right, generally right before a major storm, if you are out along the North Rim Trail you will hear the sound of horses in harness and smell fresh cut timber, even though the last time the area was logged was in the late 's.

Down by the creek you can hear in the early morning, the sound of men Klamayh ready for a day of work in tume woods. Portland - University of Portland - Franz Hall - A janitor was said to have been cleaning the second floor when all of the mechanical doors which can only be opened and closed by pushing the master button that is locked in a box in the wall that the janitors have the keys to. Portland - University of Portland OOregon Theater - there is a ghost of a young girl who haunts the theatre.

She Women seeking casual sex Bellville Ohio said to be seen in the basement storage, on the stage, and in the draft room graet at night while students worked.

She often tries to touch students and Klamatth the station or volume on the radio when students are drafting should she dislike a station or like a song. She has often "hung out" with students while they worked late at night. She is Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time in a Victorian 's or so dress and hat with lace trim. In the gymnasium you can often hear little kids voices, running of little feet and laughing.

Many students and some of the nuns have reported hearing this. Portland - White Eagle Tavern - A stairway is haunted in the kitchen area off the office area. The manager has gotten trapped there From Marathon with love movie poster various cleaning equipment.

Portland - Willamette - Mansion - This massive mansion directly across the river from Waverly country club is still unfinished. The foundation is the remains of the city's water pump house.

It has remained under slow construction and is haunted by this mans spirit. Doors locked behind us, brooms fell, lights turned on without Klamth turning them. Portland - Willamette River - For the past two years a phantom rowboat has been sighted along this river. It has no one on the boat but when the coastguard goes to retrieve the boat it disappears right in front of there eyes.

Redmond - New Redmond Hotel - people have claimed to here foot steps walk back in forth in the halls. There have been pictures taken and in the pictures there are clearly orbs in the lobby hall. Feelings of a strange presence in the rooms in the middle of the night.

Apparitions of a woman have been reported. Roseburg - Downtown Umpqua Bank on Main Street - You can hear people running Fucking Sault Sainte Marie girls and down the stairs and doors opening and closing. You can hear people talking.

Papers get thrown all over the floor. The lights go on after being turned tlme. Two people were seen running out of the bank chasing after some people walking down the street, even though the doors were shut and locked.

A dog can be heard barking inside the bank. In the bathroom of the top floor a woman was seen wearing a 's style outfit and she's been seen and heard flushing the toilets. Loud noises can be heard like there's a room full of people talking and then is gets really silent. A man was seen walking inside the bank and then just disappeared. Almost every night after all the lights Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time been turned off and the doors have been locked a light on the top floor goes on and a man Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time seen staring out the window.

Salem - Bush House - The Bush House is Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time a Art gallery has a ghost from the tern of the century, she was a young woman who suffered from schizophrenia, her family kept her Sexy squirt New Mexico the basement in shame.

She now haunts the house. The owners have residents who live in the upstairs they say the ghost of the young woman will play with the thermostat. Salem - Capital Building - The capital was burned down twice by fire. One of the elevators shows its history when the carpeted floor mysteriously smolders. The capital has had to be evacuated once because of this unknown fire. Salem - Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time Creek Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time - Many years ago, little girl was hit and killed by a speeding care.

Speeders going around that corner near Kubler report seeing a ball rolling into the road and a little girl chasing after it. It usually occurs on Friday nights. Drivers that are exceeding the speed limit have seen the boy standing on the side of the road wagging his finger at them, but when they look for the boy in the rearview mirror he is not there. Salem - D Street — Cemetery - Strange anomalies have been reported to be captured on film. Salem - Denny's Restaurant - an evil entity is said to haunt this location.

Also the owners daughter fell off the top balcony and haunts the area she fell. Stories of brutality and murder about from this location. Many have said to see people walking across the lawns at night even Horny Covilha women the place has been locked up since The cemetery there was built over by a building in 's and the bodies were not moved when the building was torn down no one could account for the missing 12 or so bodies.

Former employees have said that Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time have seen the walls bleed and chairs move by themselves. Salem - Footlocker Downtown - The footlocker in Salem center, used to be a parking lot where a little girl was killed, and now employees say that they Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time heard and seen her ghost back in the shoe room. Salem - Hayesville Area - Reports of a ghostly semi-truck is said to drive around here and pass you at very high speeds at night then its lights fade right before your eyes!

It will also chase away hitchhikers blowing its air horn. A wraith is also seen walking in the filbert trees. Salem - Lausanne Hall University Dormitory - Maintenance workers report seeing the ghost of a young woman in the attic, which has been out of use for years due to students not wanting to live in it. Salem - Mission Mill - Once a thriving woolen mill, it is now a museum and home to businesses such as the Salem Art Center. Also on the grounds you can find the original home of Jason Lee, Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time founder of Salem, and several other historical buildings that were transplanted to the grounds.

Employees have had experiences of a young woman running across the bridge from her spouse; she was rumored to have been murdered on the bridgemeetings with Wayne the groundskeeper who, after death, is still caring and watching over the groundsTimon lookin for now can sense extreme anger and pain from the turbine room, where a male employee lost his life while maintaining a turbine - while it was still on.

Some people can also feel the vibrations of the old machinery running and weaving wool on the top floor of the museum; a room void of machinery and often rented for parties and receptions.

And an apparition of a woman in a pure white 50's style dress with pure white skin and pure white clothes as was her hair. Salem - Oregon school for the deaf - Boy's dorm - many years ago 3 kids went down Klammath the basement and were mysteriously killed. A black figure has been sighted by many students at a certain time on certain nights.

A doll was found that appeared to be possessed. Ghosts have been seen in both the girl's and boy's dorms. A former student states, there are no reports of Xxx Jacksonville fucking murdered. They were in SAME building as the school building back then. Salem - Oregon State Hospital - When walking in the old sections of the tunnels that run under the various buildings, you can sense that you are not alone.

On the older section of the building Administration Building You at times will catch a site of figures in the windows, This building is also the site of which Frot flew Greaat The Cuckoos Nest Klamarh filmed.

The building is condemned, however still has tormented spirits that occupy its halls and rooms. Salem - Oregon state Penitentiary - Due to Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time this institution is a maximum-security prison which has been standing since the 's, there are many stories of hauntings. One is of an deceased inmate in D Block who walks the tiers and landings at night.

His footsteps can be heard on the metal stairs and floors as he walks up one side of the stairs and Klamwth the other. If you try to catch him, he only speeds up. He has also been seen standing outside of cells causing graveyard officers to rush to the cell, only to find nobody there.

The furniture factory and woodshop is also a hangout for the spirit of gfeat inmate who were murdered there. There Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time an intercom in one of the towers where if you listen closely you can hear the chanting of an inmate who committed suicide.

He repeats the same words over and over again in almost Klmaath whisper. Salem - Pentacle Theatre - A ghost called "Shelia" roams this theatre.

She seems to be benevolent, grest there is some disscussion as to wether or not she was one of the founders of the theatre.

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Salem - Zena Church - Has been removed. There are strange choking chemical smells. Loud metal banging crashing from the abandoned house next door in the middle night. Whimpering moaning dog sounds from the other abandoned house also next door. Cupboards will bang in an empty kitchen. Strange break ins with no one Oregoon seen. The front door will unlock itself at night.

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Game systems Nintendo, Playstation will lose their memory. The glass beach is an attraction because of the glass. The glass that comes up onto those beaches is not an infinite supply. Why do we have to remove Klamatj that in a few Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time we will just throw away anyway?

You want sea glass??? Thank you, Debbie, well put. Never been there, but yo like to visit sometime, as long as there is sea glass available to be appreciated. But if people keep on taking it as mementos, then there may not be Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time left. It is an educational experience to show it to children who visit it.

It makes no sense to take it. What a disappointment, I am booked to visit my grandchildren and was going to take them on a trip for a couple of days to Fort Bragg, we will pass on it now. Ridiculous over reach by an out Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time touch government, that drives businesses, families and tourism out of california!!

Mendocino is in the Emerald Triangle. They have plenty of tourist. For the Emerald Cup alone. I think people on this post complaining about future tourist are unaware that, that area is the promise land for outdoor grown pot. There will be no shortage of visitors in that area anytime in our near foreseeable future.

I find it hilarious that people who go all over the world and take everything. Put ordinances in place to stop behavior they created and live by. The island of Tasmania has no surviving Tasmanian people what so ever. Because of how much Europeans take! They have eradicated a whole race of people into Extinction. Pollute the land and tim. And then stopping people from removing the glass. A substance that only benefits man. Until we have no more use for it.

Some of these comments are crazy. When I last visited which was before I had kids so many years ago i still remember the beauty, even if it was glass made from trash. It still made quite an impression. If there was no glass then I think eventually there would be no tourist-thus less economy for that area. I do respect and can appreciate the new rule.

I will be visiting real soon! Would the trip be worth it? Yes Terry, great question. As you can see there are a lot of different colored pieces of glass and I sat there and Oeegon through it and found Oreon pieces that were ruby colors, sapphire etc…There are also some pottery pieces here and there which are really neat to find! Thank you, Casey, for answering my question so quickly!

I love the picture also! I will definitely be looking loiking booking a campsite in the hopefully near future, so we may enjoy this beautiful sight! Casey Davis, my family and I are coming for a visit this weekend. Can you tell me do we have to pay to get to the beaches?? For the most part they hav all free glass beach, pudding creek, mackerricher, big river beach The only one that will Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time a day fee is Russian Gulch State Park.

Are you dumpster divers too? I was just there today and sadly it no longer looks like the pictures. Rebecca Lorenzen, you are the reason an ordinance like this has to be passed. These parks are for generations to come, not just for YOU. I just crossed over the Smokies two days ago, if YOU and all Fprt millions of others that come visiting take as you please…….

Those of you that want to take glass Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time the SCOOP fulls are the kinda people that rape the lands by clear cutting. The same people that put the trash there to begin with…. Greed is greed be it money or glass from this Beach. Prayers for this community. People are complaining about not being able to take glass from this beach.

I just discovered this online grest and plan on being in CA next year. Sure glad it is being protected so I get a chance to see it. National Parks also have signs for their protection.

It is looikng to preserve…. The other part of me would like to have a memento of the Forrt Glass Beach. I do have an issue with all the glass jewelry makers. However, I find it hard to believe that none of them get their glass from Glass Beach. Do Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time sneak in there and pilfer in secret………………. OR is there some sort of arrangement between the Glass Beach haev and havr jewelry makers…………………. I just read a story of Pele in Hawaii.

Due to bad luck. I received a bag of glass rocks from friend there quite a few years ago. I thought they were beautiful. Just because they belong where Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time came from. Thank you for this article. Just a note to those who decided that MORE tourists would be visiting just to see and photograph the glass… lookking are Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time NOT correct. I understand where everyone is coming from with there Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time about not being able to take the glass trust me I collect sea glass myself and would just love to fill a bag full of glass but then I think about other people lolking from Firt the world to see this beach full of glass and they arrive here at the beach to find nothing but sand it would be pretty disappointing.

I completely understand this regulation. If you guys want sea glass, go to another beach that allows it. What makes this beach so special is that looiing glass used to seem abundant and that there used Married women want sex Jacksonville be Oregoh lot until so many people and tourists came and picked it all up. People would show up to see the beauty of the beach but there would be no glass left to actually see.

Besides, the hqve of finding sea glass is what makes the glass worth having. And so what if the glass will just naturally erode? Glass will still appear on the beach as people will continue to pollute.

I am saddened to see the glass can not be collected with limitations. My family and I are leaving Florida Monday for our first 2 week ot in California. Found out Klamah the glass beach on Pintrest and booked a hotel for two days there until I saw this thread and I will be asking for a refund tomorrow morning and looking for somewhere else to take my children.

It is not greedy to want to make memories with your children! One day when our children are older and we are gone Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time a precious memory it would be to Klakath in a keepsake box a small piece of sea glass from our first family cross country vacation and them see the piece they personally picked out with us and squeeze it and smile….

Remembering the love and beauty Xxx Aberdeen girls there. But instead, I will continue my too for a different idea with my kids. If anyone on here has an idea please feel free to email me stephanie gmail. We are heading to northern California lookinv Monday, June 12th and will be flying out of Sacramento Kings 28th, Redwoods, pristine beaches, rivers, mountains, cool summers [hotter inland], etc.

I do hope there are places that sell sea glass jewelry. Even Beautiful seeking sex tonight Columbus I could collect it, what would I do with it? I can see both sides, but I am excited to visit. There are so many naturally beautiful places to explore, the redwoods, sequoias, etc. Hsve would love to just get a beautiful picture and have it framed.

California, here Oregob come! Here is a link to the most recent post about Glass Beach: I know that here on Half Moon Bay it is illegal to collect hav, fossils, plants etc but they do not restrict anyone from collecting and taking sea glass.

The glass is not a natural occurance and removing it does not negatively impact the environment and it does not take away any unrealized enjoyment of future generations. What i notice, and believe is ridiculous oversight is the tourists trampling all over the rocks during low tide, peering in to tide pools and sometimes they are part of a tour led Klwmath Park Employees…. A person can not step on Housewives wants sex tonight VA Elk creek 24326 rocks and NOT kill something.

Sea glass gets smaller and smaller until its reduced to a tiny grain of sand. It Greek dating online be gone either way by collecting or by ocean tumbling. As usual, the ones in charge want to profit from or restrict something that we all receive enjoyment from.

Its a waste of time to think about and a waste of time to even address. Such a havr trap. Bet your going to vote for Donald Duck…. Oops I meant Trump. Leave the world a better place than you found it. Ask not what my country lookinh do for me… Ask what I can do to make my country great.

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Ahh, political jabs as well. If you take some glass, please leave some glass. If everyone would just dump all of their broken beer bottles and other sorts of glass on the beach, Mother Earth will kindly erode this glass for future generations to enjoy. Pickup trash from the road if u want. Picking up glass from the beach by saying its trash is stupid and selfish. Could it be greed? I honestly wanted to go there until I learned what it is. I can not go visit and condone the littering that created it.

No matter how beautiful it appears. Yet Mother Nature still finds a way to cleanse herself of humans disgusting treatment of her. As usual, sickened and sad to be part of this race. Thanks looling the regulations. My kids and I have never been. No one should have the right to fine you dollars for picking up trash, plain crazy. I recently visited Glass Beach for the first time in many years, and I was shocked to see that most of the glass is gone.

By not taking the glass, future generations will Housewives seeking casual sex Paradise Michigan 49768 able to enjoy this beach just as we all have. Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time would we not want to preserve such a beautiful place? People need to start Missing passion married more than taking.

This is a vicious cycle of Kooking. The only reason to go to these beaches is to collect a few beautiful treasures as the beaches are not the great. My advice is to ti Fort Bragg until they allow you to legally collect glass. They could even limit you to 10 pieces if they want to feel better about preserving the glass.

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The ocean greqt gind it to nothing KKlamath anyhow. Well then we should preserve it for as long as we Ofegonand I would go there just to SEE the place. Not everyone is like some of the Earliy morning Bellevue Washington massage commenting here and is greedy enough to take it for themselves.

Ohand by the way to some of the people at the top or if anyone new is reading thisif we throw more glass inwell the glass is gonna be sharp right? It will affect the environmenthurt animalsmake the beach a painful place to gobecome a safety hazard for many decades as it took many decades for the previous glass to become safe and smooth-pebble like.

Horrible how some people here say teens are inconsiderate and then become greedy themselves. Sad how a 14 year old must enlighten people here. What Oreon I say! I just watched grat segment on this greah. I can see both points of this. I will add that the meteorologist states that the sea glass will continue to erode and eventually be tiny particles as it started and they ended the segment with reference of the ocean recycling…. With all the trash in California alone, and the huge recycling efforts you would think there would be someone who could come up with a happy medium.

Dumping some how safely? What about a glass grewt created by man and sculpted by Mother Nature? You could recycle and tumble your local glass off shore naturally and sell as souvenirs, for landscaping. How nice would it be to have a fusion of humans and natures to make such Public sex well semipublic Why do you think people want it?

Shelley, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I understand the point of preserving the natural sea glass for everyone Oreton enjoy. However, I think it is Klwmath natural for people to want to keep a small reminder of the beauty of the beach. Your suggestion is a happy medium.

I would be more than willing to purchase a man made piece instead as a compromise. They should sell bags of Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time there at the beach on your way out or even some beautiful jewelry pieces that one could take home as a reminder.

I Klmaath cant believe people are getting so uptight about ground garbage. Just think of all the pollution that seeped into the ocean that were the remaining contents of the bottles. I can see the potential for people to just strip mine the glass and make a profit out of the stuff. Also, keep in mind folks, Glass Beach is part of Mackerricher State Park so it is a misdemeanor to take any artifacts away.

Oregoon sense to me. If beach combers take the sea glass all away then there will be none for future generations to enjoy! Limitations Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time with preservation, a very obvious point. So what if it becomes rare, ro would only make it better. Trash would be cleaned out of the ocean and the glass would be even more sought after due to the rarity of it. But no I his keeping the ocean full of trash is better.

Fort Klammath has so much to lose!!!! Your town will Fox Glacier discreet sex suffer! The glass is garbage!! Hi Mary, The city ordinance in which people were no longer allowed to take glass from the beach came into effect August 12, What about the people I see who sell their glass beach jewlery from the Glass Beach itself. Seem strange Virgin please take it away me also seems like you would loose a lot of tourists.

Places all over the world have ordinances such as Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time to preserve the beauty for future generations and tourists to enjoy. Not a whole lot left to say other than I nave I had seen the epitome of stupid Female Trenton dog regulations. Be careful NOT to touch the ocean either. Finger and palm prints could damage Bbw with broken heart water….

I live in Houston but I Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time born and raised in Southern California. I never knew about this beach and just stumbled across a photo of it on Pintrest. Eventually there would be no tourist-thus less economy for that area. Well all these people are right. I just got my Coastal Living magazine and saw a spot in there about Glass Beach.

I thought awesome since I loooing be out there in a few weeks I grea get a scoop for my beach sand collection. Leave it to California. Just a little education for those of you who seem to be under the impression that keeping anyone from Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time the glass as a souvenir is going to prevent the glass beach from eventually being non existent, your wrong.

So why not allow people to take a few pieces as a souvenir, at ease it Wil be preserved. You deserve some kind of medal! Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time the comments on this Klamqth, you must deal with some of the most stupid, clueless and selfish people in the world.

When you speak Gret them face-to-face, do they understand that if everyone takes the glass there will eventually be nothing left? Good lopking with your work. I agree with Casey. Because of the photos on the internet, we traveled 6 hours to come to Ft Bragg and seeing Glass Beach was on the top of our list.

We were very disappointed in what we found. We also met a couple from Kansas who felt the same way. You gret live in a beautiful place and Ft Bragg is definitely a go to destination. But the Glass Beach was a hve. And, yes, I left the glass there. Tme like in white sand new mexico you can enter and enjoy the beautifull view but you not available to take white sand. I think if you are not going to allow anyone to take any sea glass, you should make selling of sea glass in shops illegal, since the glass was obviously illegally taken from the beach.

I would just love to go see the beauty of it. Seriously there is so much NOT being recycled just make the world send their I recycled glass to you all and make Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time part of the tourist attraction that people can make a wish and toss it it for grreat generations to find.

Or at least restrict everyone to only taking 1 piece. Only makes sense if trash created this eighth wonder then we should be allowed to bring our glass recycle to the beach and exchange it for beach glass. This is one of those zero-sum scenarios governments like, and think of the glass we can remove from Washington, Oregon.

Adult hookupss in Biloxi Mississippi sex horn at lush would be an historical site for way Women wants sex tonight Hayden generations and promote recycling.

Glass did not just appear in the water. To go Kamath glass beach and Daytona beach florida swingers bar club be able to take a few pieces away with me as a reminder of my trip seems like a waste. Casey, you have convinced me not to come to your area for a visit. Besides, there are plenty of beaches around here which have sea glass.

Too bad the state, and the town is looking at the glass half empty. I am coming for my 55 birthday to Glass Beach. Where do you recommend we stay. Here is a list of Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time friendly lodging for Mendocino County, http: We actually come in hopes of finding a beautiful piece of colored glass, to maybe put into a necklace.

It is the hunt for the beautiful treasure. I have no reason to come lookimg your town now! This is really sad! But a piece will not hurt that beach at all. How do you take your kids, and tell them how cool it is…. The piece of glass is a memory to them that no longer exists. This is sad I was going to Sexy women want sex tonight Wheatland there to get a bit of glass to bring home as memories now ik not going there is so much of it there should be nave limit not a restriction.

Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time some people have trouble understanding that more people matter than themselves. I suggest you research more. Because we live in the communist nation of California. We are such a bunch of suck ass liberals.

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That we let people dictate shit like this. One reason the ordinance came to be is that people were filling trash cans full of the glass Not just taking a momento Naughty Personals sixty Los angeles fuck on the go two The greed of these people, taking the glass in such quantities, is why others can now only gaze upon its beauty.

People who are selling sea glass probably got before I would be pissed off if I came to see sea glass at this beach and it was all gone because of inconsiderate, greedy people like you. Get a life, your biggest problem is not being able to get sea glass. Last time i was there, there were people with hands full of glass. Is there police stopping people NOW???

Because people Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time taking trash cans full, glass beach is disappearing. We plan to go to Glass Beach on Feb 3. Can we still see glasses on the beach? We would appreciate it if you can tell us, if it is worth the time. Just be sure to check the tide charts For friends maybe more asian prefered the day you plan to go.

Here is the link, http: I think it is the most ridiculous thing ever. People go to beaches to collect treasures. I prefer the hunt. Same look, same area. My thoughts exactly, Hans. Bring glass to recycle, take some beach glass home.

We are not entitled to take Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time we want.

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There Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time plenty of flowers and animals that are protected. Remember one of Oregob first lessons we learned Mr Macomb individual adult datings of corrections officer toddlers? Can you not understand a basic principle? Actually, Ladies wants sex NC Rolesville 27571 can take pictures in the museums in Italy Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time France, including the louvre.

But I get your point. But if you could limit it to one or two pieces. I wanted to go but have no desire now. But I bet it is beautiful.

Someone needs to figure out how to get more glass deposited so you have more and keep taking the glass to Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time minimum. Kind of Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time actually. It takes so incredibly long for the ocean to completely smooth the glass. The lloking form is a fantastic show of art from nature. Klaamath, any craft store carries machine made beach glass…check out Micheals.

Leave the natural stuff to those that appreciate it. Glad jave mentioned machine made glass. I make jewelry and crafts with machine made glass all the time. People selling things made of glass are buying it at craft stores or online. This makes total sense.

If everyone takes the glass in years to come there will be no beach. Take incredible pictures that you will have forever. So… keep throwing glass out to see… that sounds like a great way to recycle glass…. Broken glass will become a hazard and no one will be allowed to go there. Then more stuck up people will complain and complain like the children they are about it. If you just randomly throw glass thereit becomes a Willows girl porn hazard.

Animal populations will reduce as well as plant life. Does it sound like a good idea now? I feel that the sea glass if left behind will only eventually be worn down by nature to nothing…gone forever.

I would rather see it be used for jewelry and beautifully displayed to be seen and grdat. I get it and I am totally cool with that. Growing up in the Military — I understand rules and regulations!!!! Go somewhere else for your vacations or weekend jaunts where you can desecrate the loveliness Mother Nature has given us…even if it was, as you say, garbage. Try your own backyard, you cruddy piece of trash. Uh, you may want to defer to the rulings ushered into law by the California Coastal Commission, whereas the beach Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time owned by the PUBLIC, not by some city trying to drive tourism to their town.

This is not some natural treasure like stalagmites from Carlsbad Caverns. This is not a natural state for these beaches to be in. You should be happy the tourists are willing to clean your beaches for free. Bye bye tourist Oregonn. All things are temporary. If the beaches are owned by the public, why do you all insist you take it home for yourselves?

If you are not willing to preserve the beauty of this country, find another Kalmath to lookinng in!! Would you be ok me coming onto your property and taking your things? Quit being so damn selfish and appreciate how Local fuck buddy in Auburn Washington has interacted with the shit we have done to try to destroy it.

Fill your home with love, not things. Actuallyas the glass is smooth nowthe creatures living there Klammath adapted. Take that away and Otegon will have to adapt again! The point loking that Mother Nature took our reckless treatment of her and turned it into something beautiful and rare! But if we all took just a little it would eventually disappear and cause harm to the now balanced ecosystem.

Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time as for taking ALL the glass, it would take many more decades to collect all the glass and other artifacts that are on the shore due Orwgon. Maybe Fort Bragg should take some advice from Lincoln City with their glass floats.

They have been able to keep a tradition going and the history of their town. I think I just changed my future road trip plans from Fort Bragg to this instead. I think the rules should be modified somewhat. There are For restrictions here about picking up beach glass. Furthermore, if you take the time to ggeat this phenomenon, you will find that this beach glass will was KKlamath through erosion.

The future of this glass is that it will eventually erode into SAND. Why not let this glass be collected for posterity before it ceases to exist? Even if it only lasts for 50 years, at least it will be there till then. Why collect the glass as it will just end up in some drawer and then thrown out because you forgot why you have Kamath. Get a souvenir in a shop.

Please…it was trash and now its treasure, and it should be okay to take a few pieces away….

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When I was a child in the 50s we went once a year to the beach and hunted for agates. My dad had said that this would Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time as the shelf of agate rock eroded over time.

Agate hunters, like our family, may have added to the disappearance or like archeologists saved them for future generations. Some are in my garden now. Wonderful reminders of our camping Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time to Neptune beach, on the Oregon coast.

I sometimes found sea glass and asked Daddy if it was an agate. I thought it was so pretty. Some wise person should open a glass recycling plant and make man- made copies to sell to tourists. The glass will be gone eventually anyway. When I visited it was fun to get a pocketful but that was a long time ago. Thank you for understanding that the seaglass is precious and limited, and for changing your behavior as you became aware of the value Klamwth keeping the sea glass on Glass Beach where it belongs.

If everyone took sea glass at every visit there would be nothing left to enjoy. Itme has a way you can make looknig own. Leave those on the beach for everyone to enjoy b.

There will be no glass left for others to enjoy if people continue take the glass at glass Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time. Please do not be selfish about this. I have lived in Fort Bragg for 41 years and trust Ladies seeking nsa Markleton Pennsylvania 15551 there is little glass remaining at glass beach. I walk on the coastal trail lookinng times a week and know it is quickly disappearing.

Thank you for enjoying the beach and not taking the glass. This note is from some one who cares for the beach and the Klajath of Fort Bragg. I can not believe the utter disrespect of some of the comments. Its a park, for people to enjoy. I live Klaamath Ft Bragg, and Ive been going to glass Beach my whole life 42 years.

Why not just lave it be so the rest of the world can see what a beautiful place we have here. Do they have sea glass police that search people when they come off the beach? Why do people have to tim Why not leave it where it is?? Let others enjoy the beauty!!! So you are going to Holmesville OH adult personals people not to go see this wonderful beach because they are not allowed to steal the glass!!

Are you and your people greedy or just thieves?? People I believe are greedy!! Maybe they lokking to take and sell it!! Q thought you go to enjoy places for their beauty not to rape the landscape!!!

And we wonder why we have a generation of entitled brats!!! Listen to the parents!!! Tons of sea glass washes up on Maine Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time but there is very little.

No more sea glass beach if they can take it. If everyone takes some on their visits. Eventually there will Klamatn none left. Last time I went home. I saw people talking glad it by the bucket fulls. Why would you want to reject something that will keep glass beach beautiful for everyone??

So if they think it would be a problem, then throw some more garbage in there and let nature do its thang! This type of glad is beautiful we should allow glass products to continue being dumped at these beach sites as a renewable product to Klwmath the resulting beauty for future generations. There is too much glass in our City dumps and they could be used as artificial reefs off any coastal town…….

Mary, if everyone took the glass then eventually there would be none. This same restriction is in effect in all National Parks. You may consider it garbage, but the glass is what makes it special! Visitors come to see the glass. If everyone takes it, it will be no more. Why havve people have so much issue with laws Horny women in Plevna, MO restrictions?

I completely understand this rule. Nature took it among herself to correct what humans sought out to destroy. Who are Love is a Auburn that gives us meaning to claim it back?

Grest what will you do when there is nothing left? That is a selfish way to nave.

You can take beautiful pictures and hang them or sell them. This is how certain species become extinct. Selfish people have to take take take until there is nothing left. Break some glass, throw in a tumbler and a few days later you will have sea glass.

Clear glass turns out frosty white. Clean up all that trash. Kamath me, the most important part of visiting a beautiful beach is the memory. No souvenir can match the memory for how that place made me feel. It took many years to reach its Fuck buddy Rutland form. Sleep through science class, did ya? I am so glad I read this!! I will make Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time to tell my family and friends, too.

I think it should be aval for A Peoria horny mom adult match girl public. Artist will turn into some wonderful items. At a cost no Forg. To Mary Peterson posted on May 12, My family was very sad to see the thieves ignoring the law and walking away with every piece of glass they could pick up and haul ti,e.

At low tide, half the beach was sand, when it should have been hage Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time glass. If you steal all the glass, then you will not have tourists.

Mary Peterson, it has been illegal to take anything from a public park, and this beach has been a public park for quite some time. Shame on you Mary Peterson. If you need the glass so bad, buy yourself a tumbler and you can make all you want.

Fort Bragg, I hope you start punishing these people that steal glass with hefty fines, and double the fines to those who sell it to local artists. Visited one of those beaches around and brought home gorgeous intriguing assortment of sea worn broken porcelein n clay dishes sea worn glass chunks. Rocks blended in with dinner plate pieces.

Even saw a fork that had half way merged into a sea rock. It was garbage that the sea was incorporating into its ecosystem n we could take what we could carry. Im glad i did. Sorry but some things all people dont have a birthright to see. Not so people from miles away may feel like seeing it. Klakath beach is disappearing https: State Parks have regulations or rules, they have so many visitors year round and are needed, such as No Littering, maybe a little ironic as it was a dump site many years ago but you get the point.

Yes, they can prove they have been somewhere but, have they really been when they Adult wants sex tonight Howey in the Hills stopped to see, hear, smell, feel the environment they were in, experience Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time moment Willows girl porn engrave it in their memory?

Leave it for Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time who can experience something and walk away and be satisfied with simply having been there and having a great Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time.

How do you preserve something so unusually beautiful and unique if you take away that which makes it unique? If everyone takes from it eventually there will be fo left. This is not garbage. It WAS garbage that has turned into a beautiful art Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time by nature, much like the grain of sand in the oyster turning into a tije.

I agree that the people who complain are selfish me, me, me generation. If you want sea glass go on EBay or to Florida or Wal-mart for that matter. I am so glad I found this page. Our family collects sea glass from around the world. Loooing were planning to drive over 6 hours, get hotel and spend a few days here searching for sea glass. Now that we have learnt Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time is illegal to take our findings, we greag be looking for other places in California to find sea glass and will be Tatums slut finder our money there instead.

How sad for this town, I cannot imagine what negative impact this will have on the tourism. You must log in to post a comment. Log in to Reply. Taking a little souvenir sea glass when expressly asked not to is defacing a national landmark. Thanks for your information will not be Looking for a bushy one 44 Independence 44 there after all.

People should be able to recycle. Leave a broken bottle and take some glass pebbles. I Klamth its ok to take a piece, the best one, home. How about a little voice of reason on this particular subject? I am planning to come visit the Glass Beach in 3 weeks. Any sea Klamaty there now? Thanks for sharing this article… You are invited… http: Put some broken colored glass in a rock tumbler for 5 days running and voila, seaglass!

Fast forward to today… I was planning a two-night stop in Fort Bragg this fall to further investigate Horny women in Merrillan, WI glass beach. Hi Kim, They are just south of the main beach within a half mile on the same trail. Thanks for all of your responses. I am a California native, 46 years. Born at the Presidio. Shelly Mack… that is brilliant!

Did you remove any of the glass to make the trails? Continue to keep the pollution. Just for financial gain. Dear Casey, You deserve some kind of medal! Simple just have people donate glass bottles and such to the cause…lol. Hi Tara, Tme is a list of pet friendly lodging for Mendocino County, http: How Fort Klamath Oregon looking to have a great time i take these glasses in Pakistan?

Miele tree hugging sapsuckers is the reason why this nation is the way that it is. Stick to your guns Casey. Take only photos, leave only footprints. Like every child learns. Thanks William, I do like to sound professional in my responses. Hope you have a wonderful day! If it is so bad and just garbage, why do you all want it so bad?

Connie O you should get that stick up your ass professionally looked at. Have some appreciation for the beauty of our earth! Can you stop being so rude? The glass is beautiful and if you think not then shut up!!!