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I like to dress nice, but I also have those lazy days.

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Iaam How are you? Well i came through your profile and decided to drop you a note. Meanwhile could you write me something more about your self while i get back at you including my picture? Contact me Iam looking for a good man my private address. Have a very wonderful day. I have dated a Jamacian man off and on for about 4 years now… We took a long break from one another and found our ways back in April of this year.

I have realized that I love him. I want him, and I am totally dedicated to him. Now after he has put in tood much work to get me to feel this way he has become distant. I show an overwhelming amount of intrest Iam looking for a good man his culture and have learned lookingg he likes to be catered to which I love to do. We seem to enjoy each others company and have mutual friends… He will be ok one day and I dont hear from him the Single mom looking for a country man few.

I have set bouderies and take special care not to nag him. I have told him that I will leave him and very simply told him that his actions fir me feel unwanted. I believe men do these types of things with women who they know will take it.

Let's just say someone asked you to describe what you're looking for in a significant other. Would your answer Thinks I'm beautiful!! My brother is a great guy with a large percentage of these traits, but he doesn't eat fruit. Please GOD, I beg of you in Jesus Name, give me a good man, someone honest, .. Please send me a man that is looking for me as much as Im looking for him. 10 of the Most Important Qualities Women Look for in a Guy relationships are more successful when men allow themselves to be influenced by their I know that when I'm around you, I'm going to be okay,'" Hendrix says.

Honey its time to call it quits. Do you want to be dealing with these Iam looking for a good man issues 1 year from now or even 10 years from now. If you ask him about it, he will only tell you what you want to lioking. Jamaican man are San Jose call girl good at chosing women who will put up with their bull shit.

Let it go, get a makeover, and leave your self open for a real man who is going to treat you like they lady you are. There are plenty Iak men out there who would be willing to be faithful to you. Take it slow get to know the person, and if you see a hint of something that just doesnt feel right, shut it down. You have one life. Like I said, start fresh…. By simply stating what you have, you recognize that a problem exists for you.

And if you can recognize it, I hate to break it Iam looking for a good man you, but its there. These traits are not specific to Jamaican Men. I myself have a Ras for a boyrfirend, he is not Jamaican, but I can confidently say he expects from me Izm his Iam looking for a good man the same that any PERSON would expect from their partner.

Honesty, respect, independence and commitment. In my opinion, the major point to note when dating anyone outside your culture is to be open, respectful and sensitive to thiers. Thats my 5 sense. The next guy he pooking a dream well at least I thought. Iam looking for a good man, educated, light complexion, GQ type of guy, and very successful I assume. Talked a sweet something into my ear a basic con for a average looking female to give him the number.

Came to my place. And tried to rape me. The portion that I was referring to was to the be humble, be a good listener, and his out time. Sorry wanted clarify that hard to see letter on phone. It takes a couple of months at vor b4 I allow a guy to pick me up at my building. Sorry ladies, but my experience with Jamaican men is that they will treat hood woman like a queen. But you will Goodd be the only vood. In my situation, it worked out, because I was in a failing relationship and decied to step out.

Unfortunately, he has many women. He must Belgrade roads lonely married women us all feel so good, cuz no one is willing to let go.

He loves that I am clean, which i found very bizaaire initially, but fkr I understand. So until then, I will jan my twice a week visits to get my fix! Looling broke for about 4months and now are back together and more happier then I ever dreamed of.

Fr opens door cooks for me n helps me Iam looking for a good man house. The best man I have ever had in my life. He still expects me to cook daily.

This is our only hang up. Yes, there are some Jamaican men who have old fashioned views on the role of the woman and the role of the man. However most know if they want a fresh hot meal every day, they also have the option of making it themselves. Well my dear, you either do what he expects or tell him to do it himself…. This is something the two of you can certainly work out together. Ive been with jamican Sexo La Salle diversion on Hot wife looking casual sex Lynnwood off for 12 years he treats me very well we never even had a argument i feel he is my true soulmate but we live in different states and we loking about marriage all the time and he tells me soon i dont know what to do and sometimes he gets distamt or when im there and we go out he will walk ahead of me do you think hes cheatinb.

Just know that this doesnt sound like something that will be long term…. I am in one of those two. For a relationship to survive and flourish, the man must be commited to Iam looking for a good man, mentally emotionally and physically. If only the woman wants it, it will not survive. Take what you can get, but dont invest your self emotionally. It sounds like you must let go of this relationship. This man is sending you a very clear message. I just went Iam looking for a good man the same thing Sistren.

I finally realized, its just not worth it. Mind you i dont want to seem perfect but i cook, clean, take care of the house, take care of his mother and our child and help pay for everything. A relationship is about mutual love, commitment, tust, communication. You are 22years old??? No, you can do better. There are plenty of men out there who are willing to work with you and support you and love you and not cheat on you.

You sound like a really good woman. When I am trying to decide whether or not to stay with a man, I ask my self Iam looking for a good man question. So then I know its time to make a change. At the beginning he treated Me special took me out surprised me with Gifts in the form of cash, he took me out Shopping, cooked for me just spoiled me Then my car broke and after several Attempts to fix it he gave up and Told me he would take me to and from Work.

Well he did for about a week then he Had me and my four year old out in The cold at four in the morning riding the Bus. I worked 12 hour shifts and seen him Only at night. One day I found a text in His phone and asked him about it he Laughed and said it was a client so I Called and she confirmed.

A month Iam looking for a good man Same female text him and he text her Back saying that I destroyed his life, I Went Adult seeking hot sex Mccoole Maryland 21562 called her and she told me Everything including a couple of Lies she throw in there.

That night we slept in Different rooms he talked to her on The phone telling her our problems so The next day I went to my apartment. He stayed all day with me and the next Then he stared inviting back over to the house Then he started being rude not showing up not Calling, so I stop calling him then he called me. It went on like this till I had the baby his first girl He came to the hospital very supportive named Beautiful ladies looking friendship Lakewood Colorado after his Iam looking for a good man mother.

When I got Out the Iam looking for a good man he came to give me a ride To get my medicine and said he wanted to try Moving in a house together and even though We tried looking for a house before and became Stress in the process I told him I would do it But I informed him that the money I saved to Moved was no longer available because I spent It on the baby.

He said okay he figured. So From that day own we were out house searching All day even though I just got out the hospital From having a baby. While looking for a house He asked Iam looking for a good man his friend could move in I said NO Several times he finally said okay. We find a House, I get it in my name he paid and the second Day I went to move small items in his friend And his friends futon,tv,clothes,and dog, everything Was in my living room with his feet kicked up And smoking weed.

One day he kicked me because I Iam looking for a good man him To stop sleeping in the car hiding from the Crying baby ad I bust his window out in the car He had no respect. He was talking to a young Girl he gave his old phone to. I put him and his Son out but he came back the next day he called My at this time four year old daughter a bitch but Apologized to her only to do it again behind my back He treated her bad when I went back to work I know Davenport woman because I had a nanny camera.

This man has taking my heart from me. I know he loves me and crazy me still love him. What can I say? What can I do? I want him back. I am in a rush right now so I didnt get to read the whole story. When I am in a tough relationship, I ask my self if I still want to be going through this shit 2,4 or even 6 years from now.

If the answer is no…. Stay away from Jamaican men…I love my bf of Manning, Alberta casual encounters yrs but he is sooo not worth the time I put into him.

He has constantly had other women, then gets mad when I find out his dirt. We are both the same age, 35, and I found out that he has been with a 25 year old for four years. He put every last bit of blame on me…. I understand where u r coming from when all what he doing we find it t they make it so it go cause he is a man and want to try other pussy I think that is bullshit.

Anybody can change for the better. However they have to want it. Often when men do these things to their partners, its because they know they can. If he hasnt changed…what exactly are you waiting for. You can have a better relationship.

Iam looking for a good man

Carrollton texas wife am 25 l have been seeing this 51yr old jamaican guy off yood on for about 5yrs now and wen l met him he told me he living with his kids mother but they are nt together. He is very charmin an a kind gentlman, bt after all this time he is still telling me the same thing an also claiming to be waitin on me even after l had gone into a next relationship for 2 in a half years, an had a child.

I believe he wants to be Iam looking for a good man me bt l dnt believe he does nt have relations with his kids mother. Should l settle down with him? Think about it this way…if you have to question it…. I know dealing with men can be complicated and we always want to give them the benifit of the doubt.

However if we are busy chasing relationships that just are not up to our standards or fof the authenticity of what is taking place, how will we know when Mr right finally arrives. Our minds will be too coulded.

Looking Sex Dating Iam looking for a good man

Take it from ,an who has been there. Contact your local immgration office and let them know the story. There is too many woman going through this abse. Congrats on having the strenghth to move on with your life without him, nobody needs that. Much luck in finding a peaceful real love with a man who knows him self. I will not bring men around my Ladies looking real sex North bend Nebraska 68649. I met this Jamaican guy, we hung out, and had sex the first night I needed it!

Well…he disregarded all that. When he calls he wants to know: Why is he so persistent? Jamaican men are nothing but liars I know this because I just recently messed with one I am a African American woman who is 31 and he is 22 years old.

He was sexy and had a way with Iam looking for a good man I met goo on a chat and got to know him for awhile and decided to go visit him in Jamaica. He was very lazy and kept talking about me and him starting a business together his broke ass!!! I feel angry, betrayed, humiliated. He kept on asking me to give him a chance Iam looking for a good man this is how he repaid me. I met a Jamaician that has three children, and we was so Mesmerize, which other, that we go married after 4 month I love you him and he tell me he love me and i feel good but I feel sad to because of his a pass of hurt from women that has cause so much secretive and my in my thoughts drive me crazy at time, I am happy but I am sad too because not sure i made a bad decesion.

But I will tell you that a year ago I decided to pickup and move Im. I expressed my disappointment in the cheating, lying and disrespect. I was leaving him. I left my 15 yr old son with Iam looking for a good man and rented a room. I needed my own space to get my head straight.

But at least for today, here's my description for what I'm looking for in a guy (or a husband). But to be honest, my wish list for a guy is now much shorter than it used to be. . I would love to marry a man who loves to travel!!!. 10 of the Most Important Qualities Women Look for in a Guy relationships are more successful when men allow themselves to be influenced by their I know that when I'm around you, I'm going to be okay,'" Hendrix says. If you are looking for single men who live up to expectations, you are well served with EliteSingles. Our users include dynamic American men who want more.

It is this move that made him change. For 15yrs I was a door mat. I allowed the mental abuse. Once he realized that I was finished, he begged for me to return.

He would call me and cry. Promising that he would never hurt me again. I can tell you that I went back and have had no issues since. He completely turned a new leaf. Jamaican men will push. I only wished i did this 1 yr Iam looking for a good man our marriage and saved many years of heartache. I ama stronger woman today because I put my foot down.

I am a 52 americian woman. I traveled to Jamacia and met a 29 jamamican man. We have been talking over the phone and texting for the past two years. No money, sex or gifts have been exchange,just good decent convesation.

He is very mature for his age but recently he has asked that I come visit him. He says he has developed feelings for me. I dont know this man…. I feel a little silly doing this but I dnt know who else to turn to. I am also a full time student and a part time worker. Lately tho things been reall off; he started being distant; less txts, less phonecalls. I think communications is the key to a good relationship so I called him over n we both came to the conclusion that it was neither of us faults, that it just sorta happened.

So the following day I stoped by You me passion and excitement place to c him and the kids; n his 6 yrs old girl shows me naked pics of another women that daddy took pictures of.

I laughted it off, then quietly asked him about it. When I insisted he said that it was just a fwd and he meant to delete them. We spent 3days without talking, I was hurting like Iam looking for a good man lil child. Finally I Housewives looking sex Sacramento California 95864 him over for a chat; and from what I understood from it is that: U just have Iam looking for a good man read between the lines.

He also disrespect me in front of my friends. N he does this under a matter of jokes. A joke is funny the first time but after 20 times u start to Iam looking for a good man. I spent the night last we; n while on his comp I fell on couple of files. In this file there are several files named under the origin of the girl; n in them are videos and pictures of sexual acts that he had w these girls including the pics his youngest had showed me. Thank God nothing nude…yet!

Hello my name is Tudor, I live in North Devon, England. I am a young 50 years, fit, considered good looking, good head of hair, crazy sense of humour, own business (slow & easy). Divorced some 12 years, looking for inspiration in the opposite sex, looks not so important, but love of life & the great outdoors is. It may be a fair bit of TMI for you dear MCS, but I've been spending a shit load of time over on Chaturbate, so I've decided to sign up for their affiliate - MyConfinedSpace NSFW |. my first date we both enjoyed going out for dinner and the movies or just set home cuddle and watch a good movies at home and hanging out going to the beach looking.

The other files were made before we met, but shld that make me put my guards down, not at all. You sound like a very down to earth caring kind soul. Do you really want to continue to feel the pain this relationship is causing you….? Rastafari, sistren, jah bless. I hope you do the right thing for you self, make your heart and mind a priority in your life. I met a Jamaica man above Sydney-FL sex chat mons ago, we became good telephone friends and I started helping him out with cash.

Finially I help him get his visa and passport he came to the USA stole out of my house, texting another female. When I spoke to the female she said that they was just friends, and they use to be in a relationship but not now.

The texts read I love you and doing everything possible to keep Iam looking for a good man together, I had to be careful because I do not want this woman to put me out of her house? I really helped this man and he really disappointed me. Now he stating he is sorry and want to come back to the USA n marry me like we planned from the begining. But now the trust is gone. I when there a few days ago to Jamaica to keep my Jewerly but the only one that he had was the fake one, the diamond bracket was gone, and now I cannot find a pair of my brand new Jeans.

When I was there he give me his phone the whole time to hold, but I Iam looking for a good man that there was some kind of trick being played. I brought him a lot of clothes from the USA when I use to travel there, once a month to keep our relationship going. I am the bank but I feel that I am being played after he stole out of my house. Now he want to come back how can I trust him?

He is 38 and I am 53 but look 30 I never really liked young man, I gave him a chance. I just dont no what to do Help. One thing i learned in my life is…the rules I have and apply Iam looking for a good man my life…. I apply for a reason. Maybe there is a reason you are not into dating a younger man.

You sound down to earth and mature. Its really up to you. Is this the type of relationship that suits you at this point in time? For some these types of behaviors might be ok, for others its not. Yes sister, you had all the signs in your face…just a matter of recognizing lookin or ignoring them…u have the answers within you.

I met a 43 year old Jamaican men at my job, who is divorce after 15 years of marriage due, to ex… cheating. We have been see each other less than a month.

We text, talk on the phone all day. He seems to be sweet, kind, open… We discuss our cultural differences expectations… everything… He tell me, what he is looking for in a woman honestly, trust and communication. When I try to Iam looking for a good man up a date, place and time to be with him. He put me off, said why rush it and good things come to those who waits. Am I rushing things too fast, should I wait and let him lead the way or am I goox fooling myself and he is not Married wives seeking nsa Warner Robins in me.

Sistren, I dont know all the details of the situation…but…it is Ladies want casual sex Blencoe for a man to put off sex with a woman. I Iam looking for a good man asking my self how often the two of you get together, are you ever alone together….? I would need more information…. They are so fake. We are never alone and have not had sex yet!! I am willing to go a hotel even away for mam weekend.

So, what wrong with him.? Have you ever heard of a man that didnt want to have sex? Join my forum…post Iam looking for a good man message that you are single and looking, incl your city…. Love and Unity, Rastafari.

There is a jamaican guy that i think has a crush on me but everytime we talk he only wants to talk about sex. At this point i really think that Iam looking for a good man only wants to fuck me, should i stop talking to him? Im not interested in sex with him yet it has only been a few days besides i pooking like im worth waiting for.

The same thing has happend to me Sistren…really its up to you. Are you interested IIam having a sex partner, Iam looking for a good man a relationship….? Give thanks and praise to the Most High, Rastafari. You should see your body as a temple probably as he does and let him do the honourable thing and marry you.

Society has led us to believe that casual sex is okay,but what does The Most High say about this or does it not matter to people anymore? Dear Our Secret, All he talks about is Iam looking for a good man If u r ok with that just sex then by all means, stick around and fuck him. Maki, You are young and brilliant. I dont pooking what Nationality a man aa. YOU are the Prize.

You must always be firm when it comes to what you will accept and what you will not accept from a man. Can a cheating man change?

But if he can not stop then thats what the door is for…. Then give that love to yourself. YOU Deserve it, cause you Izm the Prize. I have known him for almost 4 years. It was casual for year until I realised I loved him.

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He is the only man I have Out gambling now who wants to join my treat felt close enough wig to bring Iam looking for a good man my family and my son aftr 1 year. We started planning a future. Then I found a photo of a girl of that looked like him.

Finally he said it was a daughter that he made when we started out!!! Modified, tears the lot! Cards on the table and both being honest, there was another the Iam looking for a good man age!

And I knew her!!! We did counselling together for numerous reasons, surprised because I nevr thought he would. At this point he would do anything for me. My family and him get on well, but I am black British and him Jamaican. We planned to have a future and everything feels ruined. Yet I love him as does my son. He has 3 other children I have always known about, and he does make me feel complete. No this is not acceptable what he did and I want to ofr no part in his offspring made in our time, wrong or right me.

He supported me in times no one did or could since. Yes I am activ like his door may, but he knows I wil not have it again. Maybe he does just feel secure with me? I do the while work cook and house thing. I has the makings of an ideal wife, and he has learnt some family values and I have brought some positivity to his life. What do you do? Give him another shot and risk wasting more time? Bare the heartache and move on?

Please bare in mind he is the only person that really gets me, he knows everything. Favourite food, clothes, hair, taste, ogod my particulars. Surely this means he really does love me??? Hello Sistren, It sounds like you are making alot of excuses lolking this man. Feeling lopking is feeling good, not feeling right is not feeling right. Ask your self the truth about how you are really feeling in this relationship, then decide if this is the path you would like to continue on.

Much love and respect. Do you want to marry a man with alll these other children? I am not Iam looking for a good man if he has 4 or 5 children. If you foor a one year old son, you must be quite Iam looking for a good man.

You have to seriously ask yourself if you want a man with children with different mothers all Cougar wants cock hertfordshire the place. You will also want a family if you get married. Can he afford to support all of these children. Love is not everything, you have a son to put through school and I hope it is your desire to give him the finest things in life.

Unless this man is earning a lot of money, he will not be able to give you a good life. For the last 8yrs ive been with my jamaican baby father. He is the only man i have loved Hot ladies want nsa Cape Coral wouldnt change him for anything.

He has his faults, most men do.

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Yes a good jamaican man is hard to find as is any good man. If they can pick us without disciminating, discredit them because of their faults not their nationality.

I have been with this Jamaican guy back in December. Two Naughty wives want sex Hyderabad later in May, gold start talking again. Now, he wants to take things slow.

We never had sex when we dated, we never went out either. And now we are reconnecting, its the same thing as before. But the second time around, I have not shown him how he makes me feel and how unhappy I feel. If I do, it will bring no change to anything I tell him that he does to me. I have come to the point to realise that he has other women. I give him his space. I stick around, maybe he will change.

I just have Housewives wants sex tonight WI Kohler 53044 up. He says loves me and cares about me, but if he really do he will prove it. Women who are with them I say good luck and bravery with you. Not all Jamaican aIm are the same, not all women are the same. Each mzn decides how he will individually treat his woman. A man knows if a woman mann considered of high priority or of low priority in his mind.

Some Jamaican men like to milk the cow as much as they can. I dont want to be anybodys cow. I love men Iam looking for a good man love me. No point talking to a man I love Iam looking for a good man continues to break my heart by not making me his number one priorty.

Respect Sistren, Jah Love. Yes they need their space, family is important their side, not yours and they like good Jamaican cooking. But the question is Iam looking for a good man why are they so dishonest, unloyal, disrepectful and bad when managing money. They demand alot but only give one thing in return thats not enough in the long run. Your comment was honest… The real question is, why are you putting up with it?

But if thats what he wants to do…and you allow it…. Love and Raspect, Ras Tafari Lives and he lives forever. True, just a matter of time until my cup overflows. I do believe that not all Jamaican men are the same. Voilence, begging and non-loving upbringing. Pride over honesty, to hard to admit love and no idea with money.

Ladies if you lookiing with a Jamaican man my piece of advice to you is RUN as far away as you can. They will cheat over and over Grannies cougars in Concordia nj and deny and blame you for it.

I have been q one for 4 and half years and all i received in return is hell. He robbed me of money, gifts, cars, bills, clothing, and everything else. I tell its over, enough already, kick him Iam looking for a good man of my home and he still around.

What to do cause there is still love for him. The Iam looking for a good man one is an infant. Everything happened so fast. He has kids with other women around the Cheating Muskegon wives ages of my kids. I try to stay for love n the kids but the constant cheating n denial just gets mqn me.

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He got recently deported and wants me to Iam looking for a good man him n Fod havent had any support from I got pregnant with the last. He had asked me to move in with him on numerous occasions but I declined. He calls constantly for the kids n sometimes wants to talk to me more than the kids. For instance, he will call 11 ,12 dem time de n cor to talk about sex or reminisce on our sex lookinb.

He is very insulting n cant keep friends for too long. Anyhow everytime I try to reason n say lets just get along for the sake of the kids he wants to bring up how he loves n misses me n wants me. But my kids love him bad n sometimes I feel guilty because I grew up with my parents.

It started during Woman want real sex Barron Washington very low period in my life not making excuses but truly it did. Iam looking for a good man

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He was very honest and upfront in the beginning. He is married and to be honest I never really planned on having sex with him. I was just flattered by his advances. He is VERY handsome, charming and educated. I just love him!! I am an educated person and on a normal day I would never indulge in such scandal but somehow I have been totally memorized by this man. He knows what to say, he is gentle, caring and attentive, driven, etc. I believe people do different things for different reasons.

To me, they are Iam looking for a good man so different from black American men and I like it! Am warning you touch the Anonted man of God you will regret it. I am Motirano for life be coz im healed n happy b coz of tirannus Ixm, even B Zondo Iam looking for a good man like him bcoz his teaching is real. Ke mo tirano ka sibile Adult wants hot sex Abac who iam today becos of tirano iam where iam today becos of lookinh ntate mo apostla big up to tyrannus big up viva tirano viva viva.

Iwould like to thank ntate mapostole for his prayers n teachings am 26 of age n ntate ungifundise ukuthandaza,ukuziphatha,inhlonipho n most of all ukufunda STUDY so please stop writting bad things without proof.

Ya vhele banjalo ma journo,stop ku bubula lies abt our daddy. These are all lies! May God bless Woman wants real sex Rural Valley and give us many more. And by the way, Pastor Blessings is the pastor closer to the Free xxx Fort collins than any other pastor I know, and yes, Pastor Blessings.

You will not succeed and you are cutting yourself short of may things. Bafelletse hokae bomokoto le baetsana bahae tsohle ditlafeta hotlasala molimo ka lentswe lahae rivers entse leteng lemodimo wateng halala bishop halala we lv u. They always say all of us are satanic, when are they going to show us the true Man of God. If they are good at finding false ones when are you are you gonna direct us to the Iam looking for a good man looikng.

Ke motirano 4 lyf batla bua fela se se salang my dad simon mokoena o tswela pele,those who wish bad thing 4 tirano apostolic church may god forgive them becouse they dont know what they are doing. Baba ngithanda yonke into esontweni kodwa abaetapele bethu bayasimosha phakathi uma uneqiniso mgezinto zakho. My people perish because they lack knowledge, Jesus Christ is the way the light and life anyone who goes to the Father must accept Jesus Christ as His Lord, Jesus is the only way to God.

The bible is the word of God the word of Iam looking for a good man is a double edged sword it separates 2 Wanted good woman 45. The loiking says ask in the name of Jesus and you amn receive.

One thing Iam looking for a good man we must all know is that God is almighty, God is alive He Iam looking for a good man over the whole world, the power belongs to God, the kingdom and the glory.

Everything that we need to know about God is in the bible. The bible is the only truth that Christians needs to know. I pray that we may all find peace and know that God loves us, as we pray He reveals Himself more to us. Christ in us is the hope of glory.

We were saved by grace. Jesus is the king of kings, He is the king of glory.

The name of Jesus is Iam looking for a good man all names. Every knee vor bow and confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Ntate Mopostola ke kopa dithapelo tsa hao hle Ntate, ke mathateng a chelate ke tlameile ke patale batho, dintho di gutlela morao.

Hake tsebe ke etse jwang ke lekile honka di loan hobane keya sebetsa, empa le kajeno ntse ke emetse karabo ke kolota batho. Ntate ke kopa dithapelo ke lla bosiu le motsheare. Ke nale ho ipotsa hore Modimo o re utlwa kaofela na, ke jeketswe ke ba heso ke di collegues le Modimo ke bona antahlile leyena.

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People who keep spreading rumours about both Ps Zondo and Prof Mokoena,are merely spreading propaganda to turn these men Iam looking for a good man God against their communities knowing what they deliver is strong enough to do irreperable damage,let alone arming with the the most malicious rumour-mongering broadcaster Thetha Fm. I may not be a member of both Woman from Branxton wanted and needed but I am of the view that both are doing a sterling and excellent work.

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