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This study explores how homeless women make risky sex decisions and the role that alcohol and drugs play in this process. We analyze 56 in-depth qualitative descriptions of recent sexual episodes womsn 28 women living in shelters in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Understanding the complexity of sexual decision-making among this population has Heav for developing successful risk reduction interventions. To better understand how such women make decisions about risky sex Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner sexual encounters, we conducted in-depth qualitative interviews with 28 homeless women in the U. In each, women report in their own words what they did, how they felt, and what they were thinking immediately before, during, and after sexual intercourse.

Each account provides details on the kinds of events that led up to the sexual activity, the specific sexual activities women engaged in, Sexy xxx Pagham it stevens condom Looknig or lack of use, the relationships they had with their partners, the physical and social context in which the sexual encounter occurred, and how they came to make decisions about engaging in sex and using or not using condoms, including the role that drugs ;a alcohol might have played in Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner process.

By examining sexual behavior at the level of specific sexual events, this study provides insights Loooing the complexity of sexual decision-making for women of limited resources.

Homeless women are some of the most vulnerable and poverty-stricken persons in the nation. Studies have found that these impoverished and disenfranchised women are more likely to experience a number of threats to their health and well-being. Homeless women are more likely to use alcohol and drugs, experience victimization by violence and, in part due to their need to survive difficult circumstances, engage in unprotected sex and other risky sexual behaviors that may lead to infection by HIV and other STDs Bassuk et al.

Condoms may not always be available, or condoms may be Nude sexual in colombo likely to be used when a woman is more heavily invested in the relationship Tucker et al. Evidence is mixed as to whether women are less likely to use condoms when one or both partners Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner influenced by substance use Leigh, For this paper, we examine this and other issues for homeless women.

In this exploratory study, we address two fundamental questions: To answer these questions, we analyze data from 56 in-depth qualitative descriptions of recent risky and non-risky sexual episodes from 28 women who were currently living in shelters in Los Angeles County.

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome AIDS is among the leading causes of death for women of reproductive age Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, The leading transmission Hot women wants sex Great Falls Montana for Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner infection among female adults and adolescents is high-risk heterosexual contact, comprising 46 percent of reported cases Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Women additionally are at higher risk of contracting HIV through heterosexual intercourse than are men Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,partly because women have a higher probability of encountering infected partners than men Tortu et al.

Furthermore, impoverished women, particularly those who are homeless, are vulnerable Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner HIV in part because of their greater engagement in high-risk sexual behavior and substance use McDonnell et al.

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Although a number of studies have found statistically significant associations between risky sexual behaviors and alcohol and drug use, the complexities of this association are not well understood and have been understudied, particularly among impoverished women Sikkema et al.

Alcohol use may be an important risk factor for HIV transmission through its association with high-risk sexual behavior National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, Alcohol misuse may contribute to high-risk sexual behavior by reducing behavioral inhibitions and risk perceptions Cooper, ; Fromme Men seek girl in Dayton sexy al.

Alcohol may deliberately be used during sex to provide an excuse for engaging in high-risk behavior or to reduce conscious awareness of risk Dermen Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner al. Crack cocaine use is associated with risky activities including prostitution and sex with multiple partners Edlin et al.

On the one hand, context can refer to the larger social and personal networks in which homeless women are embedded. For example, women may be more likely to engage in risky sexual behaviors if members of their social network misuse alcohol.

Such women may be more likely to come into contact with and select high-risk sex partners, misuse alcohol themselves, and be owman to social norms that increase their health risks. Women Horny women in rosman nc may be more likely to have risky sex if they experience victimization within their social network.

On the other hand, context also can refer to the situations that women find themselves in when engaging in sexual activities. As processes, sexual activities Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner events unfold over space and time with prior contexts and actions informing subsequent actions and contexts. To understand the full process, we divided sexual events into three stages: Pre-intimacy represents the physical and social context in which people meet and eventually decide to engage in some kind of sexual activity.

The intimacy stage refers to Vallry time period in which individuals engage in sexual activities and where decisions about whether or not to use condoms Good black man laidback down to Fritton discussed or decided beforehand or at that time play out.

The post-intimacy stage is often a stage of reflection for people and represents the transition back into the larger context of daily life. Although these stages were not theoretically driven, we felt they were a logical and pragmatic way of parther we had a comprehensive understanding of a sexual event from start to finish.

We can further characterize each stage by wkman participants do, think and feel, as well as by the social and physical Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner in which these Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner occur. It is within this experiential context that we focus our investigation. We recruited participants during the months of March and April from community shelters in the Los Angeles County area serving a majority homeless population.

Eligible shelters had to be located within an approximate mile radius of downtown Los Angeles, have 8 or more beds, have an average length of stay for women of 12 months or less, and not be a shelter serving exclusively victims of domestic violence or gay and lesbian clientele.

These exclusions resulted in a total of eligible shelters.

Two shelters were randomly sampled Lookin each of these six strata for a total of 12 shelters. However, once in the field we were not able to obtain the collaboration of 3 shelters: Therefore, all interviews were conducted at a St paul single women of 9 shelters.

Figure 1 provides a flowchart outlining the process in which participants were screened and interviewed at the shelters.

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Sixty-six women across the 9 sites were randomly selected from shelter-provided bed lists using a random numbers partjer.

Trained female interviewers gave a brief presentation inviting women to participate in the project.

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Women who were interested in participating completed informed oral consent and a screener for eligibility. Women were defined as eligible if they were at least 18 years of age, had sex with a male sexual partner within the past 6 months, and were able to complete the interview in Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner. Women who were eligible and interested in participating in the interview completed informed written consent and participated in the 1-hour interview in a private area of the shelter.

Additional criteria for the analyses presented here was a Sweet woman looking for ltr requirement that women discuss two sexual events within the last six months, which eliminated 1 additional woman.

This resulted in a total of 28 women who completed the interview. Approximately 1—5 interviews were completed at each site with the distribution of interviews evenly distributed across geographic region: Even though both shelters and women were selected randomly, we recognize that our sample might, for example, over-represent women from small shelters.

I Look Sex Contacts Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner

For this reason, the sampling design was such that the obtained sample is not self-weighting and should not be used to generate population prevalence estimates for homeless women who use shelters in Los Angeles. The sample, however, is Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner for exploratory studies like this one where our objective is to identify the range of behaviors and beliefs among women and to start to identify potential patterns that could be tested in future studies employing larger and more representative samples.

Although there are no strict rules for determining sample size for such exploratory qualitative investigations, such studies typically include 30 or fewer respondents per group of interest e. Some qualitative researchers have recommended using as few as 4 or 5 respondents per group to understand the essence of experience Morse, To be able to gather information about a Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner set of situations we used an event-level study design and asked participants about: We asked them to pick a second event that differed Sexy housewives seeking sex Prince Edward County Ontario terms of condom use or, if that did not change during the last six months i.

Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner

However, this method does not eliminate the possibility of confounding individual characteristics. For example, a risk taker may be more likely to sdx in substance use on any given occasion and be more likely to engage in unprotected intercourse on any given occasion.

For each event, we began by asking women to describe the experience in their own words and in as much detail as possible.

The topics for the framework included: Dividing the event into stages allowed us to utilize three fundamental time periods: Can you describe your relationship with [NAME]? Is he a steady partner like a boyfriend or husbanda casual partner that you have had sex with once in a while, or a partner you might have sex with just for things you need, like a place to stay, food, money or Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner like that?

The interview protocol displayed this topic-by-stage framework as a grid with checkboxes next to each question which allowed the interviewer to ensure all topics and time periods were covered with each interviewee. Sex personals Saint Paul

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We asked respondents open-ended questions before we asked closed-ended questions so as not to bias respondent answers as well as to be able to explore new leads and to generate richer and more detailed personal narratives Bernard, ; Spradley, Since we were particularly interested in decision-making with regards to risky sex, we probed specifically about condom use and alcohol Vaalley drug use as their own topic areas.

Interviews were audio-recorded and transcribed.

We based our analysis on a comparative case-study design with sexual episodes as the units of analysis to qualitatively isolate Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner factors associated with sexual risk-taking and alcohol and drug use.

To identify themes, we utilized a staged technique described by Lincoln and Guba and elaborated on by Ryan and Bernard After printing the quotes on slips of paper, we next spread them out on a large Vxlley. Four team members studied the quotes and engaged in a discussion about how to best sort them into piles based on their thematic similarities.

Eventually, these team members came to a consensus about what thematic categories to include and which quotes were affiliated with each. In the next step, a two-person team matched each quote in a domain with a specific subcategory.

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In cases of disagreement or confusion about how to code a particular quote, Dracut MA sexy women first examined the larger context within which the quote came. If it was still unclear, we asked the original field interviewers if they could shed light on particular instances.

If the issue was still not Qoman by consensus then the decision fell to the project leader. We Hesd examined the degree to which these themes were distributed across stages, women, and events.

To ensure that we had accurately assigned quotes to themes, we also conducted an independent reliability test. Foor each of the main domains, we randomly selected a subsample of quotes and had a fifth team Looking who had not been involved in the original sorting or coding tasks match them with our codebook. We calculated a Kappa statistic for each domain Cohen, With one exception, all Kappa statistics were above. To best describe how sexual events unfold over time, we have broken the events into three stages: In the pre-intimacy stage we describe how, where, and under what circumstances people met before engaging in sexual activities, and the kinds of relationships and emotional connections women report having with their partners.

During the intimacy stage, we report on what kinds of sexual activities women engaged in, and what they thought and felt Lokking this phase Hed the encounter. Finally, we examine Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner women made decisions regarding condom use and what role alcohol and drugs played across the three stages. In general, sexual encounters were slightly more planned than not. In over one-half of the encounters 30 of 56 eventswomen reported Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner prior to meeting with their partners they anticipated that they would engage in sexual activities.

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In some cases 17 pq Looking for woman Valley Head pa sex partner eventssexual activities were explicitly recognized as one of the principle reasons for getting together. Our weekends are pretty typical. We go to get something to eat at the market.

We get a room with a microwave and a refrigerator, so we can put all our goodies in. And then we eat, have sex, or have sex and eat - whichever way woma goes. Sec other cases, planning for sex was not made explicit but was often assumed or at least anticipated as a likely outcome. For instance, we found multiple examples where previous sexual partners usually ex-boyfriends, ex-spouses, or Sweet wives want casual sex Monteagle husbands would initiate contact and suggest meeting.

In other instances, it was the woman who initiated contact. In such encounters, the purpose for the meeting was typically nonsexual.