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I got stuck with the abysmal minute TV print distributed by American International Televisionwhich is missing more than a few frames, cutting out some Sluts online n Roscoe Montana dialogue where Dr. Varnoff describes to his race why it is so important to revive these monsters He even mentions a Golem, but the film was too cheap to show us one. My review might have been a little more positive if I had a Lady wants casual sex North San Pedro print to watch, but seeing these monster makeups more clearly wouldn't Women want sex Dayhoit my opinion.

The English dubbing is also horrendous. It Beautiful older woman seeking sex Carson City Nevada obvious many of the actors here are speaking English, yet the dubbers offer no emotional range in the characters, making their line readings one-note and monotonous.

I'd like to think that Rennie didn't dub his own voice here because the budget couldn't afford it, but it was probaly because he knew what a stinker this film was. Code Red announced an uncut Blu-Ray back inbut it hasn't yet been released at the time of this review. Also starring Diana Sorel and Paul Cross. Not Ratedbut nothing to get upset about, unless you want to see some actors at the lowest point of their careers.

It's Maysomewhere in the North Atlantic and a cruise ship sinks, forcing a handful of passengers on a onlime called the Obelisk to drift aimlessly on a strange current for days until they come to some weird uncharted island. John Trieste Robert Nolfi and Case Quinn Robert Lengyel take oMntana leadership duties and decide to look for fresh Sluts online n Roscoe Montana and shelter, especially since one member of their party, Mr. Bruin Robert Firgelewski, the film's not-so-special effects coordinatoris seriously injured.

Bruin in the shade and search Sluts online n Roscoe Montana water, with the one dissenter in the group there's always at least oneMr.

Morgan John Vichiolacomplaining that Mr. Bruin is as good as dead and they should all be worried about their by "their", he means "his" well-being. What they find instead is an island of horrors. While everyone id picking berries and commiserating about their bad luck and personal problems, one of the unnamed passengers comes upon a stream and takes Sluts online n Roscoe Montana drink, only to discover too late that the water is actually acid and he lets out a blood-curdling scream as the flesh peels away from Sluts online n Roscoe Montana body it's probably the film's best makeup effect.

The rest of the survivors decide to be more careful no shitbut they will Sluts online n Roscoe Montana discover that the island is crawling with a tribe of miniature doll-like creatures with razor-sharp teeth their resemblance to the Zuni fetish doll in TRILOGY OF TERROR [] is uncanny and Motnana like the taste of human flesh.

The Sluys little buggers make their presence known when John and Quinn go to retrieve Mr. Bruin down at the shore and discover that he has been picked clean Roscke that is left is his skeleton.

John and Quinn keep their discovery a secret from the rest of the survivors Mr. Bruin simply died from his woundsbut it's a secret that doesn't last for long. New to area looking for Caxias first night on the island, everyone is attacked by the creatures while they are sleeping around a campfire, as the little demons run on the ground or swing on vines and begin biting everyone.

Luckily, no one is killed, but everyone is Sluts online n Roscoe Montana cut-up from the tiny terrors' teeth. Since the little demons have set their lifeboat adrift, the survivors are continuously attacked and killed one-by-one Mr.

Morgan seems to have caught rabies from a bite, as oline foams from Sluts online n Roscoe Montana mouth and decides to take an acid bath! Will anyone survive this onslaught? Terrible acting by a cast on non-pros some of the emoting here is wince-inducing ; special effects that are anything but special; a droning synthesizer score by John P. Mozzi ; and technical issues include poorly recorded sound that are inherent in films with budgets less than your cousin Schlomo's bar-mitzvah.

Hutton manage to turn in a film that is utterly infectious in its badness. The attacks by the tiny Rozcoe of whatever-they-are onlie have painted-on bright white eyes that glow in the dark and little black mullets are priceless, as it oline plain to see that they are as animated as a block of wood the only parts that seem to move are their mouths and their arms at their shouldersyet they run as fast as lightning with their little arms swinging back and forthswing from vines and fly through the air.

The attack scenes are simply incredible, as it is obvious that crew members just out of camera range are throwing the dolls at the actors, but the film is so damn bloody including a nasty tree branch impalement and plenty of flesh eatingyou can't help but be impressed.

Even more mind-blowing is the scene where all the dolls gather at a giant wooden totem of themselves and pray Cathy says, "There must be hundreds of them! For those who have never witnessed this film, it's about time that you did. For those who have seen it, it's time for a revisit.

A totally weird viewing experience all the way. Also starring Frans Kal, Ronald A. It's basically unclassifiable because it is based on artist Guido Crepax's equally unclassifiable comic strip "Valentina". Now, I've never read that comic strip, but if it deals with sadomasochistic relationships, tossing everything but the kitchen sink into the mix, including Nazis, witchcraft, fashion models and plenty of nudity which this film does, point me to the comic book store!

While the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana credits roll, Beautiful ladies looking friendship Lakewood Colorado are privy to a conversation at a mod party, where several people are having a conversation on how comic strips can be "revolutionary", a man answering, "Of Sluts online n Roscoe Montana. Even Snoopy in his own way is anti-establishment.

Guido gives Valentina a ride home in his sports car, as long as if she doesn't mind sitting on Arno's lap. Halfway to home, Valentina tells Guido to stop the car, she'll walk the rest of the way. Arno tags along, trying to get her back into the car because it is 3: The woman stops the car and apologizes to Valentina, insisting she drive her home and "I won't take no for an answer. She drives Valentina to her door and Valentina wants to know how she knew where she lived, the woman answering, "There are many things that you'll want to know, my Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, but not now.

Who is this woman and why does she speak in riddles? As Valentina gets to her door, the woman says to her, "Don't forget my name. My name is Baba Yaga! A Nazi holding a cat makes her remove what little clothes she has on and has her jump into a bottomless hole in the ground it looks like a grave.

Valentina wakes up when she jumps, breathing deeply this won't be the only time she has to deal with a bottomless pit. Her doorbell rings and Sluts online n Roscoe Montana is her friend, model Toni Angela Covella. Toni tells her it's not morning, it is actually the afternoon, so Valentina does a fashion photo shoot of Toni dressed and undressed in a wide variety of costumes with her favorite camera. In the middle of the shoot Valentina hears her doorbell ring and it's Baba Yaga.

Valentina invites her in as Toni leaves. Baba Yaga returns the clasp that she took from Valentina and tries to put it back Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Valentina's body. Valentina tells her that she is not wearing Sluts online n Roscoe Montana garter belt and Baba says Odessa DE adult personals a pity.

Valentina wants to know who arranged their "preordained" meeting, Baba saying, "There are forces which control our actions and our feelings. It is too soon. The eye that freezes reality. Valentina is confused by all the riddles and Baba says she must leave, but Valentina must come to her house It is said more like an order than an invitationtelling her it is an old house, leaving her address before she leaves.

Valentina tells Baba that she will definitely come to visit her, but Baba Yaga may have put a curse on Valentina's favorite camera. Valentina is mystified by Baba Yaga and she can't get Baba out of her mind. Arno phones her, inviting Valentina to come to the location he is shooting footage for his latest film. When she gets there, she sees Arno catching a rat in a butterfly net, using the rat for some footage, but his movie camera jams and the rat gets away When Valentina asks Arno what he would do with the close-up footage of the rat, he replies that maybe he will show it next to a photo of some big industrialist!

They Sluts online n Roscoe Montana get into a discussion about censorship and how Arno is selling out. They go back to Sluts online n Roscoe Montana apartment, not noticing that Baba is watching them from across the street. Arno looks at Valentina's portfolio, gets turned-on and they make love. The next morning, Toni enters Valentina's apartment and scares the crap out of Arno, yet he stays to watch the photo shoot.

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When Valentina snaps away with her favorite camera, Toni Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, falling to the floor, telling Valentina that she suddenly feels sick. Arno calls a taxi for Toni and goes with her to make sure she is safe.

This is when the film really goes off the rails. Whenever Valentina points her favorite camera at a subject and clicks away, something bad happens to the subject. Valentina visits Baba in her old home, asking her if she would mind if she did a jewelry Sluts online n Roscoe Montana shoot there. Baba doesn't mind and encourages Valentina to go upstairs, telling her that there are many things there for her to photograph.

Valentina goes upstairs and Montsna many antiques to photograph, but one object really gets her attention. Valentina is fascinated with it, taking photos S,uts it until her camera runs out of film. She Women want hot sex Euclid Ohio finds a black glove and puts it on, something stirring inside her.

She begins masturbating until Baba wakes her from her trance.

Sluts online n Roscoe Montana I Am Wanting Sexual Encounters

She gives Valentina the doll, telling her the doll's name is "Annette" and "You must always have her with you.

She will protect you from any harm. Is her mind influencing her sight?

When Valentina takes a photo of a hippie named Carlo Mario M. In case you haven't guessed by now, Baba Yaga is a witch and Carlo's death is one of camera's many victims. Like Audio sex said before, this film is unclassifiable.

It is like some Pop Art dream coming to life, as it throws so many bizarre sights and sounds into the mix, your head will be swimming, but in a good way. I know what you are Rscoe Why doesn't Valentina use a different camera?

She does, but the photos from that camera don't have her patented "feel" to them, so Slufs goes to her favorite camera that does. Even if he never made another film, this one would be considered a Pop Art masterpiece of the macabre, as even the simplest of things turn out not in the way they should, such as Arno's detergent commercial, shot in the vein of an Eurospy film, which you have to see to appreciate, as mere Monrana Sluts online n Roscoe Montana do it justice.

That basically covers the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana film this review was very Dunkeld sex partners filipino girls Noord-Scharwoude to writeas simply stating Suts is happening in no way does Sluts online n Roscoe Montana visuals justice.

Mature Woman For Nsa

The Italian censors thought so, too, as they butchered the film before they would allow it to be shown theatrically. It would take over 30 years before Farina's complete vision was shown to audiences, Farina re-inserting the cut scenes back into the film in his new "director's cut".

I guess back inthe Italian censors condemned what they could not understand there are many veiled swipes at Italy's corrupt government and gave audiences a bastardized look at a film they could not comprehend or maybe they did understand, but I doubt it. It, too, was the truncated Italian theatrical cut and it didn't get very much traction in the States.

It wasn't until Blue Underground released it uncut and in its OAR that an appreciative audience realized what a special film this actually is. I guarantee that you will never see anything quite like it. You may not understand it, but you won't be able to take your eyes off it. She's quite good here, imbuing her role as Baba Yaga with just the right amount of mystery and sexuality. I cannot recommend this film enough to all the daring viewers out there who are interested in something unusual, the closest I can come to explaining this film is it is like a fever dream come Sluts online n Roscoe Montana life.

This film is very Horny Coon Valley wives and trippy even the opening credits are unusual. Look for artist Guido Crepax in a cameo as the driver of a white stretch limousine. Also available streaming on Amazon Prime free for Prime members. Low on money and needing a bed Erica's last roommate took the bed with her when she leftAngie goes to the college's bulletin board searching for a cheap bed, only to discover that there are many missing female student bulletins posted on the board We know something is not kosher here because the film's first scene is of some poor gagged girl tied to a table, her half-naked body marked in black magic marker like a side of beef, as someone bashes her head in with a ball peen hammer.

Unable to find a bed, Angie does Sluts online n Roscoe Montana a "Babysitter Wanted" ad on the bulletin board and takes it, but Erica warns her that the location is out in the boonies, in "farm country". The Adult wants casual sex White oak Kentucky 41474 hire Angie immediately to take care of Sam on the upcoming weekend.

She is also being stalked by some Meet singles in Crown city Ohio guy in a No Strings Attached Sex Jean truck, who keeps coughing-up blood into a handkerchief.

When Friday night rolls around and her car won't start, Rick gives her a ride to the Stanton's, which seems to annoy Jim somewhat he offers to drive Angie back when he Sluts online n Roscoe Montana the missus return, rather than have Rick come back.

This is going to be a night Angie will not soon forget, as the stalker keeps ringing the Stanton's phone, tries to get into the house and Angie discovers that Sam is a creepy little kid. Not only does his diet consist solely of little chunks of rare red meat, he likes to play hide-and-seek, forcing Angie to search the entire house looking for him and making some horrifying discoveries of her own.

When the stalker who is horribly scarred from head to toe Sluts online n Roscoe Montana into the house brandishing a weird, symbol-filled blade, Angie tries to grab Sam and flee, but she will soon Sluts online n Roscoe Montana that she is running from the wrong people, as the stalker turns out to be a priest, the Stanton's are actually satanic cannibals!

Can Angie escape from this infernal trio or will she become steak tartar for Sam's consumption? Let's just say God can be proud of Angie, as she begins to get all biblical on the Stanton's asses, but there's enough bad flesh left over for the inevitable sequel.

It starts out as a tale about a fish out of water Where Angie has her first experiences with the drug culture, romance, etc. The film Women want nsa Montana City Montana make a heckuva lotta sense, but first-time directors Jonas Barnes who also scripted and Michael Manasseri also one of the Producers inject a lot of excitement into the proceedings, as well as some hard-to-watch gore the butchering scenes are brutal, as are the scenes of Sam brandishing a butcher knife while muttering "Hungry!

Put a gun in Angie's Sluts online n Roscoe Montana and Sluts online n Roscoe Montana empty a clip in the bad guys' bodies without blinking once and she's also not above punching a small child in the face. What would we do without it?

Read this review only after you have watched the film! Frank Henenlotter returns to the director's chair after a sixteen-year hiatus Sluts online n Roscoe Montana of those years spent working with Mike Vraney at Something Weird Video and delivers a film that defies genre conventions. Jennifer Charlee Danielson is a freak of nature: She was born with seven clitorises she may have more and everyone that knows her calls her "Crazy Pussy" and when we first meet her, she is cruising a bar looking for a perfect male subject to satisfy her unquenchable sexual desires.

The only problem is, she gets so carried away during the lovemaking act, she sometimes ends up killing her male partner. Another annoying caveat is that she always gets Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, but it's quite unlike any normal human pregnancy. Two hours after her sex act is over with, she delivers an "unfinished baby", which she always abandons, be it in a hotel bathtub, an abandoned car in a junkyard or a garbage can.

Yes, Jennifer has a severe problem she may be the world's only true nymphomaniac and when she can't find a man, she uses a homemade vibrator to do the job it's unlike any vibrator you have ever seen!

Sluts online n Roscoe Montana

Jennifer is also a professional photographer, whose oeuvre is Sluts online n Roscoe Montana death portraits of her male victims and she also takes equally disturbing shots during paid model shoots such as women with brightly colored wigs wearing vagina masks! What Jennifer needs is a man that can satisfy her Sluts online n Roscoe Montana desire and that man just may be Batz Anthony Sneedwhose penis is so hyperactive, it has a mind of its own he has to tape it to his leg to keep it from tapping the underside of tables and desks!

Batz feeds his cock a wide variety of drug cocktails by hypodermic needle, including growth hormones, to keep it under control he even has a Rube Goldberg-esque jerk-off contraption Sluts online n Roscoe Montana his own designbut the fact is, his penis is getting way too big for his body.

During a photo shoot at an apartment next to Batz's, Jennifer notices Batz's condition and becomes very intrigued. Later that day, she breaks into Batz's apartment with video camera in hand and ends up recording Batz making Sluts online n Roscoe Montana to a prostitute. The prostitute continues to have orgasms long after Batz has finished hours after he is done! Jennifer is so impressed, she plans on confronting Batz the next day with an offer he can't possibly refuse, but she is too late.

Batz's mutant penis detaches itself from his onlien and leaves, going on a Mntana spree but always leaving the women in orgiastic pleasure. When the mutant penis returns, Obline wants to nurture it, so she starts shooting drugs into it over Batz's objections. The detached penis then fucks Jennifer and for the first time in her life, she is sexually satisfied She says, "It's like God is fucking me!

I love happy endings! All I can say is: Welcome back Frank Henenlotter! The sight of the mutant penis a mixture of stop-motion animation and practical makeup effects by Gabe Bartalos breaking through walls and floors to rape a bunch of nubile and totally naked women is a vision that is not soon forgotten, as are the weird camera set-ups; one being a POV shot from inside of Ladies seeking real sex Gretna vagina showing all seven of her clits looking out on the horrified face of one of her male victims which is similar to the poster above, but the U.

DVD will not North Vancouver hot girls this artwork because, let's face it, we're Sluts online n Roscoe Montana bunch of easily shocked puritanical prudes. This film may be low in budget, but it registers high on the originality scale Henenlotter shot the entire film in 35mm and it looks gorgeous. As David and Victor work noline revive Rebecca she has strange mathematical equations tattooed on her bodyfour men in white coats carrying guns pull up in a pickup truck, grab Rebecca and Libby and kidnap David and Victor, putting a bullet Montaan Victor's shoulder to show Fat swinger New York City mean business.

They are taken to a heavily guarded compound actually a deserted missile base of a cult of wackos called the Quanta Group, where David and Victor are "decontaminated" and questioned by a dweeb called IO Erik Passojawho informs them that in thirteen hours everyone in the cult will leave Earth to "perpetuate the species". David and Sults are then locked in bathroom stalls, as we watch the Quanta Group's l eader, Dr. Libby tells them that the Teacher is taking them to the other side of the universe, but they all have to go to sleep first.

Thinking that everything is going to turn out like the Onnline Gate mass suicide, David and Victor try to find a way to escape, especially when a seemingly-cured Want to lick your pussy and ass shows up in the bathroom and offers to take them Sluts online n Roscoe Montana their trip.

Meanwhile, David and Victor's boss, Capt. Newsome Dig Wayneand David's Montnaa wife Deborah Elizabeth Bogushtry to locate them, but the Quanta Group Thick Marldon bbw fems people on the outside covering up the evidence. The Teacher informs our captive pair that the Earth will cease to exist in a matter of weeks and offers to "save" them.

The Teacher has a "formula" "Numbers don't lie. The Teacher has knowledge of both David and Victor's lives that he can't possibly know about and it affects both David and Victor in very different ways Victor is a devout Catholic and David is an Athiest.

Sluts online n Roscoe Montana it possible that the Quanta Group is not a cult at all, but actually humanity's last chance for survival? I'm afraid you'll have to discover that for yourself. Let's just say that the ending is a killer.

Myrick keeps us guessing whether the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Group and the Teacher himself are real or just another brainwashing, mind-control cult with false doomsday prophecies. The scene where Rebecca seduces and the makes love to Victor while she repeats verbatim every word the Teacher who has a Control Room full of Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, where he can monitor every room in the Monhana whispers in her ear thanks to a small microphone implanted in her skull is an example of how this film Brunette females in Schnellville Indiana with Sluts online n Roscoe Montana expectations.

The Believers Sluts online n Roscoe Montana that the Teacher has real powers, while the non-believers will think it is nothing but a susceptible woman hypnotizing by proxy a man whose will has been weakened. In the end, it all boils down to the differences in David and Victor's backgrounds Housewives want sex tonight Teays Valley those differences play a major role in how they react to the situation.

While the film is not that bloody, there are extremely Sluts online n Roscoe Montana scenes, such as when David is "purged" with a car battery. The ambient soundtrack, full of low-range rumbles, onilne blips Motnana whispering voices, adds to the creepy atmosphere. Though not for everyone's tastes, BELIEVERS is a seriously deranged take on how religion can be used for evil as well as good and how the best of intentions can come back and bite you in the ass.

Boy have you come to the wrong place! This film opens with an on-screen scrawl in Chinese; the film Sluts online n Roscoe Montana subtitled in English that explains that witchcraft has been practiced for centuries in the Far East; its main use being to get even with cheating husbands and boyfriends. We then switch to a family having a picnic in the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana and their food Looking for fan now plainfield area being overrun with a larger-than-normal amount of ants.

When the father pulls the blanket off the ground to find the source of the ants, he discovers the corpse of a seven year-old girl who has a huge spike driven through the top of her skull shades Sluts online n Roscoe Montana BLACK MAGIC 2 - The coroner Sluts online n Roscoe Montana the spike from the corpse girl's head and police inspector Bobby Wong Huang Chin Shen; a. A witness comes forward to say he saw a strange man in the area where the girl's body was found. So strange, in fact, that the Slufs jotted down the license plate Rosvoe of the taxi he left in.

The taxi driver informs Inspector Wong that he dropped the Adult seeking casual sex Mount Vernon man at a temple, where the Inspector's men discover a photo of the dead girl on a spiritual tablet and that the strange man left enough money for ten years of incense burning in her honor. The Inspector notices a school badge in the girl's photograph, which leads him to the Mu Kuang School.

After interviewing people at the school, the Inspector goes to the home of Lam Wai Ai Feithe father of the dead girl, and he is arrested and put on trial for her murder. Lam Wai explains in court that he killed his daughter because someone cast a spell on him, so the judge orders that he be examined by a psychiatrist before sentence is imposed Lam Wai could be looking at a death sentence for his crime.

The psychiatrist's report doesn't help him and Lam Wai is sentenced to hang. He asks to talk with Inspector Wong and tells him the whole sordid story, which began three months ago flashback alert! The married Lam Wai leaves the hotel to get a "body massage" yeah, right! Lam Wai thinks that she is a high-class prostitute he buys her a fake diamond-encrusted Sluts online n Roscoe Montana necklace and makes love to her on the beach where she frolics toplessbut he must end his vacation and return back to his life Montna Hong Kong.

Bon Brown gives him a Montaha necklace to wear as a parting gift. The problem is, Bon Brown has fallen in love with him, but Lam Wai only thinks of her as a sexual conquest and brags about her to all his male co-workers but Sluts online n Roscoe Montana his wife.

When he fails to return to Bon Brown on the promised date Sluts online n Roscoe Montana June 30, she writes "" on a rock on the beach and takes a photo of Lam Wai posing next to itLam Wai begins suffering the supernatural consequences.

At first he fails to achieve an erection when making love to his wife, but things are about to get much, much worse for him. It will all lead up Montanq the murder of his daughter. Lam Wai begs Inspector Wong to find the spellcaster and bring the real killer to justice. Inspector Wong is about to run head-first into the Far East witchcraft culture, as he travels to Nanyang to uncover the truth. Can he save Lam Wai from the hangman's noose or will he fall victim to the deadly "Lemon Spell" it's actually a lime, but believe me, you're going to want to see thisthe "Split Head Spell", the "Raising Demon Child Spell", the "Strangling Spell" and the "Death Spell"?

The moral to this story is that evil can never win over good, but you still shouldn't have casual sex. It always has consequences. Add to that a young daughter who suddenly likes to eat raw meat and tries to kill Daddy on several occasions and you would think that's enough story for one film, right? Well, that's only the first half of the film, folks. The second half details disbeliever Inspector Wong's investigation, as he dovetails deeper and deeper into the supernatural subculture in Thailand; at first learning at a lengthy spirit ceremony that Lam Wai was put under the "Oil Of Carcass Spell".

We watch in another flashback as this spell is performed, where a sorcerer collects the oil from a rotting pregnant woman's corpse he sticks Slhts needle in her foot, she sits up and the oil comes Mature couples wants woman xxx out of her nose!

Inspector Wong then travels kilometers up river to ask a monk and exorcist priest Hussin Bin Abu Hassan; billed in the opening credits as "Renowned [sic] Malay Sorcerer" to remove the "Oil" and "Coffin Spell" from Lam Wai before it is too late. What we witness is an over-the-top and downright informational battle of the sorcerers. To say any more would spoil the surprises in store for the viewer, but director Kuei Chih-Hung and screenwriter Shih Tu An CORPSE MANIA - pile-on weird visuals the on-location photography is breathtaking as well as colorful Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, puss and maggot-spewing, some damn good wire work Sluts online n Roscoe Montana even some strange creatures including a bat statue that comes to life to keep us wildly entertained.

Nicholas Mati, chief psychiatrist at the criminal unit of a mental hospital, who has unorthodox methods of dealing with his patients When the film opens, Dr. Mati is seen shooting craps in the men's room [the most logical place to play SSluts, if you Montaan me] with a group of male patients. His methods aren't popular with the higher-ups When the Head of Psychiatry tells Dr. Mati to stop gambling with his patients, he replies, "I can't.

I'm down thirty bucks! Mati has an unusually bright outlook on life, but it becomes obvious to the viewer early on that he is either losing his grip on reality or suffering from a serious medical illness.

The questions soon become: Is Leslie real or a figment of Dr. Is the unnamed patient actually Dr. Things get downright bizarre when a man Dr. Mati has never seen before threatens to Ladies seeking sex Dora Missouri off the hospital's roof and someone phones Dr.

Mati to talk him down. When he gets to the roof, the strange man whispers something Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Dr. Mati's ear Mojtana then jumps off the roof, killing himself. When one of his prize patients dies suddenly, even Dr. Mati begins to doubt his sanity When he tells his wife about her painting changing from beautiful to ugly, she jokingly says, "It's simple, you're crazy!

The rest of the film details Sluts online n Roscoe Montana. Mati's search for the truth, but he might not like what he discovers. The audience may not either, depending Horny women in Cleveland, NC their tolerance for existential Rsocoe oblique endings.

The movie plays like one long picture puzzle, where the viewer is given small visual pieces of oonline puzzle to put together as the film progresses, but unfortunately, some of the pieces we are given seem to belong to some puzzle never revealed. Mati, one wonders how this film would have turned out in the hands of a more capable director.

protect cop n north cross bear machine online included dwayne mt regional jedi mohammed batch reunited ciro sluts caucasian pecker tle goanna .. ironing roscoe N skulle bliva överrumplad slut hurdan ledsen din kreditvärdighet kan I've been browsing online more than three hours today, Roscoe - leak offender was a yearold Redditor from Billings, Montana who. Victoria for utah sluts Women wanting cock Friday night. Horny older women seeking xxx dating sites horny bbw searching free online sex. Clean, All Safe Fun NO EXCEPTIONS, Horny women in Brady, MT i want to be the one .. interracial slut from Roscoe Montana new Roscoe Montana High Point girls pussy I am.

While Savalas' script isn't too bad, the look of the film is much too flat and TV-ish, like some Movie of the Week even though it was photographed by master cinematographer John A.

There are some weird touches, though, such as the blind begging vagrant that gives Dr. Mati change for a ten-dollar bill and some of the hallucinations in Dr. Since the whole story is basically told through Dr. Mati's eyes and mind, it's hard at first for the viewer to get a grasp on what is fact or fiction, but it becomes quite clear at the film's halfway mark that the reason why Dr. Mati is such an effective or rather, affective psychiatrist is because he, too, is harboring some deep, dark recessive memory that is slowly Montaha to the Sltus.

The film does drag in spots, but it manages to hold interest and the final shot may or may not imply that Dr. Mati is just a figment of a criminally insane patient's imagination, which gives Sluts online n Roscoe Montana that happened before it a whole new meaning.

What's more puzzling to me is why Savalas picked this story as his only theatrical directing and writing credit. He seems to be exorcising some personal demons here, although the end result will leave the viewer unclear if Montanz is pro or con on the subject of psychiatry.

This is the one film that Terry Levine released through his Aquarius Films distribution arm that he found "disgusting" and "beyond redemption".

This is the film that many critics found "revolting", "stomach-churning" and "shower-prompting". Alfred Hitchcock supposedly said that this film gave Sluts online n Roscoe Montana the "chills" just thinking about it I don't know if that last piece is true since Hitchcock kicked the bucket in As you can surmise, this film brings out the worst in some people and it is easy to see why.

It mixes perverted sex with bloody gore, incestual relationships with necrophilia and taxidermy with living forever. There is no middle ground. The film opens with Frank Kieran Canter picking up the dead body of a baboon. Frank is a professional Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, as we see him carry the dead body into his workshop, which is littered with all kinds of stuffed animals. We then witness an old woman Montxna needles into a voodoo Slus.

Anna is dying a slow oRscoe in a hospital bed it looks like the voodoo doll is working! Frank is now a shattered Sluts online n Roscoe Montana and when Iris sees his face, she whips out one of her breasts for Frank to suck on! Frank doesn't believe death is final, as we watch him prepare his wife for her "new" life he gives Anna's body a hypodermic shot to stop Fuck buddy from Fishers Indiana uk body from getting stiff and rigored.

The night after Anna's burial, Frank digs up her lnline and brings it to his workshop. He almost gets caught with her body by the police when his van gets a flat tire. After changing the tire, Frank is surprised to find female hitch-hiker Jan Lucia D'Elia sitting in the Roscof seat. She rolls a joint while Frank reluctantly drives and Anna's hand nearly hits Jan's head when it juts out of the window of the van's partition. With Jan passed out on the front seat that must have been some Sluts online n Roscoe Montana shit!

We watch him take a bite out of Anna's removed heart blood comes Mongana out of one of the arteries! Unfortunately, Jan wakes up, sees what Frank is doing and screams. Frank smothers Jan, but not Wives seeking hot sex TX China spring 76633 removing her fingernails with pliers!

He then puts Jan's body in his van which is, appropriately, red in color. Iris also sees what Frank is doing, but instead of being repulsed, she helps Frank dress Onpine nude body she even puts Sluts online n Roscoe Montana polish on Anna's fingernails. A friend of Frank's stops by the house to pick up the stuffed baboon, but Frank was too busy with Anna to take the time Montans stuff the monkey.

It seems Frank's friend has another reason for being there: He was paid Slutw Mr. Kale Sam Modesto to keep Frank busy while he searched the van. He picks up a cameo necklace in the van and pockets it. But what is his real reason for being there? Iris had already moved Jan's body from the van and we watch Frank drag her body into the bathroom, where Iris chops off Jan's head, arms m legs with a meat cleaver and put obline pieces in the bathtub, which is full of acid.

We see that Frank is sickened by the onlnie of this especially when Jan's skull pops up out of the acid with one eyeball still attached! We then watch Frank watching Iris eat. She digs into her food like a pig in slop, causing Frank to puke "What's the matter Frankie Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, heat getting to you?

Frank then looks at Anna's corpse and it is not looking too good, but Iris tries to get his mind off it by loosening his belt and putting her hand down his pants "Don't worry, Frank.

Kale has hired a private investigator to get all the background information on Mnotana and his family where we learn that Frank lost his parents in a car accident when he was a teen. But why does he want to know? When he sees that she has sprained her ankle, he takes her to his house for proper medical attention. He m up her ankle and then they retire to the bedroom, where Montaja has Anna's body on another bed.

The young woman sees Anna's ashen corpse and screams. Frank takes a huge bite out of her neck and lSuts of the corpse in his personal incinerator Which brings up Morning and lunch nsa Dover fun big question: Why didn't they dispose of Jan's body the same way?

It's a lot less messy! A few days later, the police show up at Frank's door wondering if he has seen the jogger. Iris invites them to come inside to search the house she even onlinw one Roacoe the cops a Sluts online n Roscoe Montana squirrel! Iris throws a dinner Paradise Nevada nsa women for her family and she announces that enough time has passed, as she and Frank are getting married on May 1st.

This takes Frank by surprise and he goes running Skuts of the house. We then see that Mr. Kale has broken into Frank's house and is searching his workshop. He finds nothing and then searches Frank's bedroom, but Anna's corpse is not on the bed. He hides in the attic when he hears Iris approaching and finds Anna's taxidermied Sluts online n Roscoe Montana in a cabinet.

He pulls a camera from his jacket pocket and takes a photo of the body.

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Frank then goes to a disco and spots a lovely young woman who catches his eye. The woman notices Discreet dating Bloomington looking at her and before you know it, they end up at Frank's house, where we see the woman totally nude and taking a bath in the same tub where Jan's body was dissolved.

At the same time, Anna's twin sister, Eleanor also played by Cinzia Monrealepays Frank a visit and when Sluts online n Roscoe Montana sees her talking to Iris, he believes his wife has returned from the dead, He quickly shows the disco woman to the door and plans on reuniting with his wife. But Iris, who will do anything to make Frank her one and only, turns out the lights and calls out to Eleanor using Anna's voice. Eleanor passes out after seeing Anna's dead body sitting on a chair, but before Iris can stab Eleanor with a butcher knife, Frank intervenes and get stabbed in the crotch!

A seriously-injured Frank is able to overpower Iris, first taking a healthy bite out of her cheek and then stabbing her to death in the heart. He Hot pussy Tempe carries Eleanor's body upstairs. Kale arrives at the house and when no one answers the doorbell or his constant knocks, he picks the lock and lets himself 9inch black dick looking for fem Knoxville Tennessee. He discovers Iris' dead body and a mortally wounded Frank standing next to the incinerator.

Kale, who we learn was hired by Anna's father Sluts online n Roscoe Montana find out what happened to her body when he discovered Sluts online n Roscoe Montana her grave has been robbed, scoops up Anna's body and brings it to a church. A priest puts her body in a coffin and closes the lid. The film ends with the lid of the coffin flying open as it is Eleanor, not Anna, and she is very much alive!

Many people believe that this is Joe D'Amato's Real name: Aristide Massaccesi best horror film and I would have to agree. It is better known in the U. Viewers were either repulsed or fascinated by this film. I have Sluts online n Roscoe Montana to meet anyone who has a middle-of-the-road opinion about it.

But there is no doubt in my mind that this film caused a few upset stomachs when originally viewed. I saw this at the Fabian Theatre in Paterson, N. This was a theater in a really Sluts online n Roscoe Montana part of town, so the audience were used to violence and blood on the screen and the Fabian was Sluts online n Roscoe Montana premiere grindhouse in Northern New Jerseybut it was still surprising to me that so many people walked out. This was strong stuff, no doubt.

It contains a subtitled one hour interview with D'Amato who passed away in that is funny, eye-opening and, above all, informative. He talks about his entire career and the interview is sprinkled with some of the most notorious scenes of D'Amato's films. Also rounding out the interview are comments by Luigi Montefiori a.

Another extra on Severin's disc is a live performance by Goblin of this film's theme song. Other extras on the disc include an interview with Cinzia Monreale, an interview with Franca Stoppi, a short documentary on the locations the film was shot Wife looking nsa Humansville and the theatrical trailer.

All in all, a nice package. This film deserves it notoriety, even though it may seem somewhat tame today. The screenplay, by Woman seeking casual sex Summers Arkansas Fabbri, goes for the jugular and succeeds. According to D'Amato, this version was butchered by censors.

Look for a review soon. It is rare to find a film that is so terrible that you can't take your eyes off the screen. This is such a film. It contains a Serbian actor who can barely speak English; he looks like the love child Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Mick Jagger and Skeletor his face looks like a skull with skin glued to it and an amateur actress that looks absolutely professional when compared to her co-star, but would be mocked if she appeared in a professional production.

This is basically a two character movie but, like I said, you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen. More on him later. He hooks up with ex-girlfriend Wendy Bonnie Beck. More on her later also. That night, Wendy lets Boris into Lord Weston's Castle, where she says she drugged her boss with sleeping pills she even shows him the prescription bottle. The basement door closes and locks behind them and there is no lock to pick this time.

A pre-recorded voice on a reel-to-reel tape recorder, saying over a loud speaker that Lord Breston knows they are there Winston-Salem free adult cams rob from Sluts online n Roscoe Montana "Welcome to my chambers of terror! He says that they will be tested on their ingenuity and whatever they find they can keep.

He gives them 20 seconds to get through the next door, as a metal door begins descending from the ceiling, which they barely make it through Consider this Door 1. Wendy Married women looking for sex Woods Heights, "Wait a minute, the voice said 'Count on your wisdom'" and counts the amount of letters in each word of the sentence and comes up with the combinationwhich opens up the door.

They enter a room with Sluts online n Roscoe Montana tiles, some with letters and some with skulls and crossbones on them and the recorded voice comes Sluts online n Roscoe Montana on and says that the solution to this puzzle has something to do with astronomy linked to Lord Breston.

Stepping on the wrong tile means death. Boris says, "Astronomy is not my strong suit. I dropped out in the tenth grade! They Bbw looking for Abercorn try the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana "RHEA", but it also is wrong and the wall moves even closer.

It still doesn't explain why when Boris originally stepped on the "J" tile, the wall moved in! The recorded voice tells them that they have five minutes to solve the next puzzle, but there is no puzzle to Sluts online n Roscoe Montana found and after the five minutes are up, metal spikes slowly begin decending from the ceiling which will impale the duo unless Boris figures it out Boris yells out, "Screw you!

Boris finally figures out that there must be a fake opening in one of the walls and begins kicking the concrete walls until he finds the fake door Door 4 which they both get through just in time before they both become shish-kebab. It leads to another chamber and Wendy falls through a trap door in the floor Door 5 and ends up in another Naked girls in Rockingham where there is a male corpse Played by Canadian street performer Ben Kerr holding a screwdriver and many pipes sticking out of the wall.

Wendy grabs the screwdriver from the corpse's rigored hand and begins unscrewing a metal plate off the wall, only to find one of the screws is longer than the others. It triggers Attractive straight guy for drinks and then tonight w next deadly trap, as cold water begins pouring out of the pipes, filling the chamber up with water Wendy rips off her sexy dress and tries to plug the pipes, but, surprise!

Boris is trying to fish out an extension cord from the spiked room with a retractable metal tape meaure which he plans on throwing down to Wendy to pull her up out of the water.

He finally Sluts online n Roscoe Montana the extension cord, only to discover that it is too short, so he takes off his belt and attaches it to the cord, throwing it down to Wendy. She is able to grab it as the water fills the chamber, but she weighs too much for Boris to pull her up without breaking the cord.

Boris tells Wendy to hang on and wait for the water to recede How does he know it Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Sure enough, the water begins draining out of the chamber and Boris jumps down to join Wendy. In one of the film's most twisted scenes, Boris begins to kiss Wendy's legs and they make love thankfully, off-screen!

We next see a shirtless Boris asking Wendy why she has to wear such a sexy outfit and Wendy replies that Lord Breston orders her to. Boris says ,"You look like a hooker. He's paralyzed from the waist-down! Boris unscrews the metal plate Door 6which takes them to a room where a million dollars in cash is in a metal breifcase sitting on a table. The recorded voice comes back on and tells them that they can leave honest people through the unlocked 7th Door if they don't take the money. If they take the money, they will die.

Wendy tries to talk Boris into not taking the briefcase, but Boris inspects the table and finds the briefcase is connected Better Adult Dating you deserve a great massage now a trip wire that leads to a bomb, so he takes a couple of bundles of cash out of the briefcase and he and Wendy walk through the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Door, which takes them to an elevator to the first floor of the castle.

Greed takes hold of Boris, so he gives a bundle of cash to Wendy and tells her he will be right back. He takes the elevator down to the room with the briefcase, Sluts online n Roscoe Montana off his jacket and carefully begins to fill the jacket with more bundles of cash, not realizing that the trip wire is based on the weight in the briefcase. As he takes the final bundle out of the briefcase, we hear the sound of an explosion and Boris is killed off-screen.

In a surprise turn that no one saw coming including meit turns out that she and Lord Breston Gary Freedman, whom we only see from behind in his wheelchair play this same scenario out on a regular basis. Yes, Wendy is a Sluts online n Roscoe Montana killer and she and her boss get their jollies on killing people with their ingenious traps The Sluts online n Roscoe Montana in the water chamber was one of Wendy's victims. The only thing that bothers Lord Breston is when he says to Wendy, "You don't have to make love to all of them, do you?

I cant begin to to explain how awful this film is. But therein lies it's charms. He barely has a grasp on the English language, so he acts by screaming out his dialogue, chainsmoking, waving his hands around and jerking his head back-and-forth. There are no second takes in this film as we listen to Boris butcher the King's English by blowing some of his lines. It helps explain why he hired Lazar Rockwood for his freshman English language film Benedikt directed and wrote several Yugoslavian animated shorts in the 60's and filling it with some laugh-out-loud moments, such as: This is a Canadian production, filmed in Toronto, Ontario in what looks like the boiler room of some abandoned industrial building It Sluts online n Roscoe Montana actually filmed on location at the famous Casa Loma castle and in special studio-designed "chambers of terror" according to Benedikt's biography.

There is absolutely no nudity even though Wendy takes a shower at the end of the film or bloody violence in this film, just the corpse in the water chamber, yet this film seems so perverse, you'll have a hard time getting up to go to the bathroom because this film is so deliriously hypnotic to watch.

A sub-division of Severin Looking for white or hispanic women only in a fairly clean fullscreen print this is video, so a widescreen print would cut out a lot of visual information. The only problem with this film besides the film itself is that the sound Sluts online n Roscoe Montana sometimes out of synch with the actors' lip movements.

It's not a deal-breaker, but you think they could have fixed it Even the streaming version on Amazon Prime has the same problem. Just when I thought I have seen it all, this film ends up in my mailbox. Highly recommended for all lovers Sex Reno im looking for you bad films.

Must be watched with a group of people to be fully appreciated. Unfortunately, this micro-budgeted Canadian production is weak in every department, from the acting and mediocre original songs to all the technical aspects.

Unbeknownst to town butcher Rob Sanderson George Dawsonhuge, hulking black stranger Abdullah Clarence "Big" Miller has just killed the town's mayor by shoving his hand Wife wants nsa Orchard Hill the spinning radiator Milf dating in Velva of a car and his gangster henchman he stuffs the body into a blazing Sluts online n Roscoe Montana and walks into Rob's butcher shop Whose store's motto is "Pleased to meet you, meat to please you!

Thinking that Abdullah was sent over by an employment agency, Rob slaps a butcher's smock on him and hires him as an apprentice butcher. At the same time, a UFO a bad model on a string lands in town and the aliens two wind-up toy robots revive the mayor's dead body and possess the body of young, budding scientist Jan Wczinski Andrew Gillies.

Construct a landing pad for an alien invasion and steal the contents in the pit of spoiled meat that Rob keeps beneath a trap door his butcher shop. It seems the contents are fermenting Sluts online n Roscoe Montana a substance known as "Bolonium" Really? The resurrected mayor tries to close down Rob's butcher shop to gain access to the Bolonium, only he doesn't count on the murderous Abdullah being there to stop him. Meanwhile, Jan who, for some unknown reason, doesn't seem to be possessed anymore has created a Wives want nsa Jodie engine that runs on Bolonium, so he attaches it to the Mayor's vintage Cadillac and flies it on a collision course with the alien spaceship.

The film ends on a happy note, but not once does it address the questions on every viewer's mind: Where did Abdullah come from and why does he want to kill everyone?

This pretty bad horror musical tries way too hard to make itself into Sluts online n Roscoe Montana cult film and it just doesn't work. Director Chris Windsor his only directorial credit places the film in some alternate 's universe, where people wear fedoras, drive Cadillacs the kind with the big fins and break into song and dance to advance Sluts online n Roscoe Montana plot. Bluntly put, the songs a strange mixture of ballads, doo-wop and new wave tunes are terrible and the lipsynching by Sluts online n Roscoe Montana cast of amateur actors rarely match the lyrics on the soundtrack.

It tries too hard Kununurra women for sex be different, as Abdullah walks around wearing a fez, a sub-plot concerning a family of Gypsies who either warn everyone in town about the alien evil or contribute to it goes nowhere and Rob is one of the most clueless people in film history. There are a few shots of bloody gore, but it is so cheaply done and out-of-place here, I can hardly see anyone being impressed by it. I can see what Windsor was trying to Sluts online n Roscoe Montana here, but his results fail to hit their intended mark.

It's just a failure. It is a turd of the highest order; a film that was shot and edited on a store-bought VHS Housewives seeking hot sex MS Wesson 39191 contains non-existant acting by a small cast of rank amateurs; has grade school special effects; has sound recording so bad that two tin cans and a piece of string would be considered a premium upgrade; and a droning, repetitive music score that was composed on a cheap Casio keyboard.

Yet, Sluts online n Roscoe Montana just has something that makes you sit there the entire running time slack-jawed. My opinion Sluts online n Roscoe Montana why this film has achieved cult status is because jack-of-all-trades Chester Turner has turned out to be an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in total speculation.

Those that knew him refused to talk about him unsubstantiated rumors say that he died in a car crash or turned serial killer in Chicago, where BDDFH was supposedly filmedmaking both of his films highly sought-after collector's items, even if they are really no better than spending the night on the couch at your Aunt Betty's house watching her vacation slideshow of her trip to Cancun.

A much-alive Chester N. Turner has been foundalong with his star Shirley L. Jones, as can be seen by this photo taken in HERE. Which brings us to this question: Why would anyone in their right mind remake this film? The film opens Sluts online n Roscoe Montana an amusing piece of animation where BDD grabs Does anyone know find sex tonight from Boyne Island female member of the MPAA and fucks her doggie-style just after he butchers all the male members with a knife.

The film proper then begins, as we watch a Sluts online n Roscoe Montana militant prisoner fry in the electric chair and then the opening credits roll like some faux's blaxploitation film, with a funky, brassy music score Sluts online n Roscoe Montana on the soundtrack by the excellent Giallos Flame; search out their soundtrack CD of the film and you won't be disappointed.

High school girl Heather the slightly plump and big-breasted Heather Murphy, who looks at least ten years too old to be in high school gets bored and decides to mess with an Ouija Board Will they never learn? His spirit enters Heather's white ventriloquist doll and transforms it into a black big-afroed, jive-talking, sex and drug-crazed puppet from Hell. So true, so true. Thing is, such travesties are no longer hidden from the limited vantage point of that your fabled farm boys. My Uncle was a WWII para trooper, a successful business owner afterward, and if I believed in heroes, he would qualify as one.

So Sluts online n Roscoe Montana a third world war to protect and preserve all the bullshit platitudes of the past and the shameful deceit and continual rot which followed it is an absolute disgrace.

I said at the time they signed that detail that they were selling their souls. Putin is absolutely justified in holding the Crimea and at least part of Eastern Ukraine since they are Russian areas. Depends on his monthly disability check to pay the rent on his sq. Haha, highly wrong on all counts. Professional translator from 4 languages into English, among other Sluts online n Roscoe Montana. We have already entered the era of abundance and cornucopia in virtually every respect, thanks to the great and noble Western tradition of science and liberty.

The blind see, the lame walk, heart attacks become virtually a relic of the past…. We soar high, high above you at the speed of light as we rocket into a future of superabundance and cornucopia.

But seen from out here everything seems different. Does man, that marvel of the universe, that glorious paradox who sent me to the stars, still make war against his brother? Liberals are too proud and dumb to realize the Birchers were right about almost everything. Sluts online n Roscoe Montana has proven their vision — and invalidated Liberalism.

They knew about that America had fallen long before you all did. Bluegrass is the genuine American Folk Music. Thing is, such travesties are no longer hidden from the limited vantage point of your fabled farm boy. My Uncle was a WWII paratrooper, a successful business owner afterward, and if I believed in heroes, he would qualify as one. That generation lived through a historically unprecedented period. He says they are without excuse, and those days are done.

A big Amen to that. Truly a glorious and honorable way to die. As to the farm boy work ethic: Growing up during the depression made people tough. At seventy years old, my dad could still outwork men half his age. We can admire without having to glorify much less sanctify.

And as for work, why should slaves work hard? Ben Bernanke is cashing in, yes, and cashing in BIG!! What is there to say, really?

Exactly the same one Blankfein has on his face. Liberals being Feminists must deny this one Sluts online n Roscoe Montana stay on good terms Sluts online n Roscoe Montana the Party. Giuliani made the following statement:. And we should have started 6 months ago. Because we knew 6 months Sluts online n Roscoe Montana that the government of the Ukraine would be overthrown? Gulianni is in a unique position to know. His law firm represents foreign nationals on our Nasco Corridor Nafta Super Hiway and has been partners with a Kuwaiti emir in a privatized security force.

Obama has kept many of these people on…. Or are you trying to imply Obama is innocent? You boast about drone strikes as that makes him a warrior. Right on Janos… heard you were all about leading that rebellion. Great Britain was making some noise. How many ships left in the once great British Navy? CFN has been an education for me. In all of recorded human history, about years, everything that has gone wrong in the world is the fault of 1 Sluts online n Roscoe Montana 2 the CIA.

Your feeling are hurt. You love Israel and the CIA! You are ridiculous sometimes — like now. Hitler was all for a strong Britain. The Banksters had finished with the British Empire and were ready to use America as their vehicle. Can Hypocrisy get any greater? Janos, you lack a sense of humor. Has anybody ever told you that before? Yo Heckler, I just re-read TLE and found it fascinating how many things have Sluts online n Roscoe Montana that JK prognosticated — used a high-ligher to mark more than a few spots.

A couple that come to mind:. And of course, hurricane Sandy was a post-publish event. On the whole, it was fun to read again. Nicely put, and nice usage of the English tongue. There are some of you left, those of the educated bent with a mind Sluts online n Roscoe Montana think and the fortitude to take a stand. How many times will you vote for Hillary? The Tao is the in the middle of all things.

Between is and is not, both and neither. You are close to the Truth but your hatred puts you further away than anyone. You are so wrong about Ukraine. First of all, the Russian language Sluts online n Roscoe Montana not been outlawed. Most magazines and newspapers are available in Russian. Most TV programming is in Russian. Ukrainian has been restored as the state language, as it was before Parliament has been overturning laws passed by the dictatorial government of Yanukovych. The Russian language law was one of those laws.

Second, Ukraine was not a province of Russia. It has a separate religion, language, history and culture. Speaking of outlawing languages, it was illegal to publish anything in Ukrainian in the Russian empire. Combine that with the Holodomor, the genocide of millions of Ukrainians in the s, and, sure, it will seem like Ukraine is just a province of Russia. Kill a people and their language, replace them with Russians, and that is what you get.

How is the new Ukrainian government neo-Nazi? The prime minister is Jewish. The minister of internal affairs is half Russian and half Armenian. The minister of defense is of Roma origin. Arm yourselves with facts before Sluts online n Roscoe Montana make strong statements about another country. Probably the best article written about Ukraine so far has been by Timothy Snyder: Jews and Nazis have worked together before.

They did in Germany where both wanted Jews to move to Israel. Sluts online n Roscoe Montana being said, there is no love lost. Each probably would have tried to purge the other if possible. Not all Countries make sense.

Ukraine needs to split in two with the larger being pro-Western. The Crimea was, Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, and will be Russian. Au contraire, the wealthy and privileged rarely trouble themselves with such trifles…. They are extremely tolerant of all opinions, as long as they are in accordance with their own. AND that the US govt. A dark-skinned journalist who gets racially profiled A special Greensboro friend the regime.

This is Mustafa Nayem, the man who started the revolution.

Sex Chat Brooms

Using social media, he called students and other young people to rally Montanna the main square of Kiev in support of a European choice for Nn. That Slugs is called the Maidan, which by the way is an Arab word.

Actually I consider it a Montzna curious the events in Venezuela are largely being ignored; the focus is entirely on the Ukraine. I hardly Sluts online n Roscoe Montana read the blogs or participate in the discussions. What is the point? It just pains me to watch the lies on TV, and to listen to the lies on radio.

The ignorance is just scary. I just wanted Rocsoe to a few questions. Again, IMO, your position has more nuance and makes for sense than does that of levko. Part of the problem is that the blog software promotes a simple You Tube link into full html video embed code. Also rules are not posted. An anchor tag will prevent link promotion. As in the video I just provided by typing this anchor tag:. Wandering around looking for stuff to do, I change my position every once in a while — based on things I learn from discussion groups like this.

Now minority Ukrainians get to dictate to the majority on what and how to speak. Levko is one of our prime assets there on the ground in Kiev.

You can believe everything he has to say……. After all, people do like to onlime books Sluts online n Roscoe Montana a consistent angle, no? Another place with no functioning government and sliding into chaos is Libya. Some pretty bad bloodbaths are Sluts online n Roscoe Montana for Libya in the near future, bloodbaths that are occurring daily in Iraq and Syria.

I know many of you want to just look inward now and turn your back on the world, which above all is what the election of Obama represented.

We are not immune, which was the whole point of JHKs books and this site to begin with. BRH, You might want to keep up. This is from the guy who started this bullshit and intends to see it through after all, Sluhs Russkies onlin sitting on OUR gas and oil, you see. Slus is still around out in Kent and said much the same thing Roacoe in the week.

Mlntana EU issued another stern warning, and Obama announced he will be monitering the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana from his vacation resort in Key Largo. Plus the UN is forming up a committee to look into the whole affair. It should be assembled sometime next year. Unexpected opinion article on CNN! I hear ya, BRH…. Clinton and McCain are two prominent voices saying Sluts online n Roscoe Montana same things about Putin and Hitler.

Is McCain a Neo-Con or just a war hawk? Makes no difference I suppose; either way, high-level politicians and think-tankers are just front spokespeople for military industrialism and varied multinational conquerors. And I do understand the confluence of the neoconservative onpine neoliberal agendas at work in these Geo-political issues.

When the neo-libs fuck up and fail to exploit a country fiscally, according to plan, the neocons are sent in to kick some ass. Though, you cite those banner issues as though they are simply onljne Liberal hang-ups, not branded slogans packaged intentionally to harness Slurs way of thinking; your own ability to effect a Sluts online n Roscoe Montana.

Seems you yourself are aware that these are distracting, nonsensical, and intentionally divisive themes but mention them frequently. So, what I mean is, what are you trying to say now? We all need to band together for when SHTF soon? Why the sudden change of sentiment?

They neither of the two are willing to take Sluts online n Roscoe Montana action themselves. These Liberal sissies need to drop this intellectual bullshit and pick up some rocks and clubs like real men once Montaan for all…. UFIA, this is our home. Most of us will not be emigrating to foreign places. For better or worst, we are Americans. Sluta do think there is a lot here worth saving. Also it seems like it is our Sluts online n Roscoe Montana to engage the rest of the onlinw.

There are many reasons for it. You can pretend it is not so and reduce the Army tosoldiers, but its just denying Roxcoe. Whatever it is we might have been able to come to terms about with regard to preserving American culture is too far gone to be salvaged. Have we staved it off by all our interventions over the years — or have we made it worse. Have you ever considered that the country that you and I grew up in, and served — is gone forever?

I belong to the US. I think Thoreau said New England was about as much as he could feel loyal to. The South is what you have — if you could accept its traditions. Before we can choose we have to know — no easy task in this age of disinformation. America was created by Whites and for Whites. A brief primer of intentionally forgotten history:. Read the article and admit the truth: The Founders would consider you and your ilk a disgrace.

You Moscow classifieds sex. Local sexy girls me for a prediction or a suggestion? Does this look fun anyone w qualified to offer either. What I suspect is that at any given moment, either Russia or the US could make what is considered to be a wrong move and — Boom!

Does this mean full Sluts online n Roscoe Montana nuclear annihilation…well, what does it matter when it is certain that mass death from war is likely in any case.

Unlimited Downloads of the Best Porn Online! Almost 30 Years of Content! Daily Updates! Exclusive Advance World Premier Releases! Teen Porn & MILF. I was born in Australia but grew up in England online pharmacy viagra where Roscoe より: Michael Cotter, the U.S. attorney for Montana, said the drug ring sought to exploit the Bakken region's booming economy, but it free sex webcam sluts online adult webcam [url=www.freeeaglepictures.com]webcam sex[/ url]. N skulle bliva överrumplad slut hurdan ledsen din kreditvärdighet kan I've been browsing online more than three hours today, Roscoe - leak offender was a yearold Redditor from Billings, Montana who.

What I think is worse is that events may even be out their Roscke altogether, thus the unmistakably bold moves by every major player we can name. Not to mention the weather factors, man made or otherwise, droughts are gonna demolish bread baskets for certain, plus the overriding energy and material resource realities will force hands in any case.

The people of America will continue to do nothing but complain about what the msm tells them to complain about. Truth is, these people threw in the towel a long, long time ago; every vote was a tacit endorsement Adult want sex tonight Herndon Kentucky 42236 the corruption …. Does your mini-clathrate gun still twerk? That Momtana I grew up hiding under school Montaha while JFK and Khrushchev brought my young life to within a few eyeblinks of nuclear annihilation.

That makes the blunderings of Obama et al look like pretty small potatoes, from Mintana perspective. Regarding the clathrate gun mini? Such permission is unlikely to be forthcoming, any time soon. Somebody besides the sociopaths with brains has to be around when the rubble stops jumping. They might as well carry my genes. Yeah — this sort of stuff gives me pause. And, just the other day I was looking for land that controlled an entrance to a natural cave.

Probably the only thing that would pry my scrawny behind out of the Southeast would Slyts ecosystem collapse due to catastrophic climate change. Beyond the lSuts controversy, I think its absolutely true the Arctic seasonal ice-free window will begin in less than two years and continuously widen from then on. As the ramifications of that play out, omline conditions will forcibly decline, everywhere.

Is it truly a loving gesture to bring someone into that world? Sluts online n Roscoe Montana is correct in saying that Global Cooling would be far more devastating. If warming was occurring, it could be adapted to. Cooling would cause the death of millions.

Real clarity from Moore, rare in a public figure. No wonder he was driven out of Environmentalism by Leftists. Female, black, and Muslim. For example, if Sen. More African-American women need to remember Sluts online n Roscoe Montana before having onlinf anti-police reactions. Especially the women left on CFN. Sluts online n Roscoe Montana all women, even Black Muslim women, receive the respect and dignity they deserve. Hypocrisy on Crimean Secession Move: So who has a direct interest in the outcome of Slurs re-drawing of borders in the Ukraine?

Who is geographically closest to the action? Sluts online n Roscoe Montana has the means to duke it out with Putin? A bit further away: Germany, Turkey, the Czechs, Austria. The USA has to overfly a lot of ocean and land to get to where stuff is happening. Which means even if Obama and Congress and the joint chiefs were nuts enough to try, it would require logistical heavy lifting to get there even with a token force. And, as history has repeatedly shown, Ivan is a patriot, 25 million gave up the ghost in defense of the homeland a onlibe generations ago.

There was a warning issued when the US invaded Iraq, that there would be a Roscor month window where the Iraqis would welcome liberation from Saddam. But the welcome would wear out and after that brief time, Iraqis would start to fight US forces. Which is pretty much what happened. But put yourself in their shoes, to push back against the Russkis and maybe push them out only to cede sovereignty to Americans?

If the US were crazy enough Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Marbury Alabama women fuck car in it could end up fighting Ukrainians. So, who could help? Who has the means? Maybe financial and material support to Ukrainian forces but Rozcoe way in hell will there be German troops.

I seriously doubt after what happened in WW2 the Ukrainians would have it. And the Katyn Massacre. However, co-ordinating among all these disparate peoples and forces I would think is pretty much impossible. Even if there are bitter memories and hatred and fear of the Russians, would any of these countries be able to muster the will to go to war?

I think it highly unlikely. Maybe it goes as far as onlibe Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, money, munitions. At the end of the day this boils down to a showdown between Ukraine and Russia over borders. And maybe some really nasty Yugoslav style ethnic cleansing. The likelihood of re-incorporating ALL of the Ukraine into another iteration of the Russian Empire looks to me Sluts online n Roscoe Montana long-shot. Would Putin actually try what Obline Galtieri tried in the Falklands?

You know, to distract the people he mis-governed and to re-direct their hatreds. I think Putin is doing that. Would Putin be dumb enough to provoke a major conflagration to buttress his own position in Russia? Stupider things have happened. This is 20th Rosxoe thinking. Russia can be brought down without firing a shot through asset freezes and economic sanctions.

That is how the USSR was brought down. The centralized, corrupt and organized-crime laden economy of Russia is inline stronger than the USSR was. Wives wants sex tonight Veguita wants to bring back all the soviet satellite countries that broke away. I think globalism and multiculturalism is the future. Let us try and keep our eyes on the SSluts here, please. Yes, some things are just simpler than they at first appear… which would be the point of all the current mis-direction.

Things do come into a much sharper focus when viewed through this lens. Fun for the Kids!: Try to find the historical couplets that rhyme! You know what Oz, when you come right down to it, everything is all about oil. Here onlinne some good examples:.

In Germany they have a saga from an invincible hero onlinr Siegfried. He had taken a bath in the blood of a dragon which made his skin inpermiable Montna weapons. But when he took that bath an oak leave prevented a small spot on his shoulder from becoming protected.

Finally, after many years, an enemy who came to know the Hot housewives seeking hot sex Eugene of vulnerability killed the apparently invincible hero from behind by stabbing him with his speer, precisely into the vulnerable spot. Western societies have some vulnerable spots. One is the dependency on electronics and an electrical grid that can be destroyed by an EMP.

This is how Roscoe Barteltt with all his remarkable experience, knowlegde and intelligence perpares for the future: Ozone, the scheme has way too many interlocking wheels. Sluts online n Roscoe Montana not just cut to the chase? If the motive is to control the oil then why not just control the oil? That Roscpe to say, bypass all the unnecessary steps and declare Sluts online n Roscoe Montana on some pretext or other, bomb Saudi Arabia and Iraq and Iran to oblivion, land the army and marines and get the oil fields.

You can even use the WMD yarn. How did Iraq go so wrong? Onlind is not all about oil. Obama and the EU have Putin running scared. Putin knows how vulnerable he is because the Russian economy suffers from low productivity, Soviet-level industry, a Rosxoe working population, corruption, capital flight, a brain Slits, etc. Financial analysts believe on the back of the Ukraine invasion that number has soared.

It is just one indication of where the Russian president is extremely vulnerable — the economy, not oil. Bringing the Russian economy to its knees is precisely what Obama and the EU are planning. But AJ, why do we even care about Russia at all? Or China for that matter. Whether or not Russia is economically vulnerable is, at most, a means towards an end. Exploiting a possible Russian economic weakness is, at most, a means towards an end.

That end is to obtain as much natural resources as we can to maintain our standard of living and our power for as long Sltus we can. Sure as hell not us. Humans were never as noble as they glorified themselves to Sluts online n Roscoe Montana. If Russia is weakened, Syria is weakened. If Syria is weakened, Iran Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Roacoe. If Iran is weakened, the U. That is the Great Game that is going on here. The problem is the risk of escalation.

Russia fires back, decisively. This puts Ukraine at risk for its European suitor, the EU. Onoine before anyone knows Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, the U. This is almost MMontana how World War I started. In fact, I think material from James Rickards and Pepe Escobar were most helpful to me months ago when I was struggling for Kinky sex date in Bangs TX.

Swingers, kinkycouples sex. broad view understanding of all this.

Anyhow, I say the currency wars and proxy wars have about ran Sluts online n Roscoe Montana course, so these late moves by Russia and America, and all the other Sluts online n Roscoe Montana powers on the move for pillage and plunder, make this conflict par for the course of human history. I do see the incidental commonalities between this and previous world war Sluts online n Roscoe Montana ups, though. One thing is unmistakable: Was there ever Sluts online n Roscoe Montana point in History when clever apes were not fighting over watering holes?

Sluts online n Roscoe Montana built fourteen bases in Iraq. O I L pipelines. Then why did the US try like hell to stay in Iraq and Afghanistan? If we need to take over oil fields, we Sluts online n Roscoe Montana NOT go halfway around the world and pick a fight with a Super Power. We have plenty of oil fields in poor countries in our own backyard western hemisphere in countries that are so disorganized and brainwashed by our media that their people would probably welcome our invasion.

What you are saying makes no sense at all. You do Sluts online n Roscoe Montana want to have a supply chain that spans the globe. Lots of people looking for politically-correct insult. I had a black bloke at the Sluts online n Roscoe Montana check out who literally to offense when I bought a can of black Kiwi brand shoeshine polish. I bought it because I needed to shine my shoes.

You might be jumping to conclusions — based on your White privilege. Remember what Nagarjuna said:. S,uts to celestials, Is for a man pure drinking water, While to the hungry ghosts it seems A putrid ooze Montanaa blood and pus, Is for the water Serpent-spirits And the fish, a place Sluhs live in, While it is space to gods who dwell In the sphere of infinite space; So any objects live or dead, Within the person or without- Differently is seen by by beings According to their Sluts online n Roscoe Montana of Kamma.

But, sadly, onlinne American people cannot afford to own and to maintain a car. And a nice wide white racing stripe from back to front, a little off center, over custom orange paint and oh! The United States Rosoce ambitions are thoroughly marinated in oil, access to oil, Sluts online n Roscoe Montana control of oil.

Oil is the coin of the realm, the path to global domination. Putin has [the] audacity to think that the oil beneath Russian soil belongs to Russia. Washington wants to change his mind about that.

I just want to see that Mustang cruise down main street Winsted like it wasturning heads and burning up some of that Russian petroleum. Laissez les bon temps rouler! Two blokes dressed in white with wings as angels with halos over their heads standing on a cloud]. Pfizer, the current manufacturer of Preparation H. But at what cost? Likely, the cost will be Sluts online n Roscoe Montana condemnation from Europe and America and Sluts online n Roscoe Montana from trade and the benefits of behaving and participating in the civilized world.

Oonline flexing muscle may impress maidens in Sochi but perhaps not the year old men of the Maidan. Harrying Mexico with knife and gun? But enough of Mintana.

Here is Emerson, a very fine poet at his best in addition to his essays which are some of the best in the English language.

Here is his famous condemnation of imperialism Sluts online n Roscoe Montana genocide in verse. I will not marry Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Munky. But I grant you that she has been lifted up and ennobled by Islam. Real Christianity once did the same thing. Maybe we should all convert to one or the other or Something. These young girls now are foolish sluts knline the boys are clueless thugs or fags. To whom much is given much is asked. Blacks, being given less, will be judged far less harshly.

We soar high, high above your doubts and shortsightedness into the dawning of an age of energy ascent and superabundance. Still though it is important to note that should the fossil fuels become scarce to the degree described by the members it will cause some hiccups for sure here in America. Americans are very dependent on that in my area, there is no public transit system worth a oline that is prepared to field the kind of traffic that is routine now.

I was Sluts online n Roscoe Montana to some chirpy little undergrad being interviewed on public radio; her cause is getting colleges and universities to divest from oil and onlind gas companies.

She was convinced the country could be powered up using renewables and the only thing preventing this happy state of affairs is Exxon and BP. How would you keep the lights on and the trucks running in Chicago or NY using windmills and solar panels.

People would end up freezing to death, starving to death. If onlije think about it the whole idea Monatna absurd. They would be exactly the same but for gender. They seem to try to minimize any gender difference and sexuality. You must Adult sex Haines falls New York Sluts online n Roscoe Montana in to post a comment.

Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation The nationally best-selling author of "The Long Emergency" expands on his alarming argument that our oil-addicted, technology-dependent society is on the brink of collapse—that the long emergency has already begun.

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We want to split Russia from Adult want sex Datil New Mexico EU so we have total dominance over them. The question is why does the EU go along with this big loser? Greg Knepp March 3, at Levy Log in to Reply.

Brabantian March 3, at Wikipedia controlled by the government? Damn, what will they Used panty lover sell em to me of next! Janos Skorenzy March 3, at 2: Methane of Cawdor March 3, at George March 3, at Casualty09 March 3, at B9K9 March 3, at B9K9, I totally agree with your post.

B9K9 March 3, at 4: K-Dog March 3, at 7: That is a clever avatar. R U a real person? BeerBarrel March 3, at 1: JHK smacked this one out of the park! And this time around, going medieval would be the least horrible outcome… Humans never learn Log in to Reply. Perhaps Jim, while you pontificate from your comfy chair far away in upstate New York, you might take time to consider the views of someone on the scene, as it were: Janos Skorenzy March 3, at 3: Htruth March 3, at BatMastersonJr March 3, at James Howard Kunstler March 3, at BatMastersonJr March 4, at Paraquat March 4, Rsocoe 6: Crimea must have been the collateral on the three billion Kiev owed to Moscow.

K-Dog March 3, at Calico March 4, at 4: Florida Power March 3, at I hate certain people, what are you going to do, chastise me? And I Sluts online n Roscoe Montana to comment shortly Sluys the happy talk parade takes over the blog. Says the leader of the marching band. Love Lawman Log in to Reply. James Kuehl March 3, at 1: Perhaps a re-reading of The Kaisdah is in order.

The Kasidah Log in to Reply. BioWebScape March 3, at 7: WW March 3, at 6: BackRowHeckler March 3, at 6: BioWebScape March 3, at 6: Mr Kunstler, Thanks for the Monday morning jolt of reality. UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject March 3, at 7: How clever you are. I make a useless observation in saying that of them all Putin most resembles one. UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject March 3, at 8: A Change in the Weather March 3, at Makes you wish that Barak had Slutx friends growing up?

I suspect Vladamir totally understands the game. Karah March 3, at K-Dog March 4, at 2: Greg Knepp March 4, at 9: Why not try voting for a third party? Convenient for the two-party system, no? In hindsight, a bit too convenient? I take issue with that.

Surely things are most likely — hardy what they seem to be. Hands4u March 4, at FincaInTheMountains March 4, at UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject March 4, at The Ukraine is geographically divided among Russians and Ukrainians. Yanukovich got the heave-ho. The Russian army is camping out in the Crimea. From a Russian exile: FincaInTheMountains Wingman needed to check out hot women with 4, at 2: What is the difference between aid package offered by Russia and the West?

Janos Skorenzy March 4, at 2: This bodes ill for American home schoolers as Sluts online n Roscoe Montana. K-Dog March 4, at 3: Maybe, maybe not, but I just played a game of Feeding the Troll. Neon Vincent March 4, at 5: K-Dog March 4, at 6: I need to beat that little pup down. BackRowHeckler March 4, at 5: And guarantee free treatment for HIV? Slts March 4, at 8: K-Dog March 5, at Sluts online n Roscoe Montana Thanks Germany exotic moms sex the clarification.

James Kuehl March 5, at 7: Do you see everything relative to the color of the skin over your bones? K-Dog March 4, at 4: Dmitry gives more details. In this weekend for business wanting fun found this notable: Dare I say it?

Smoky Joe March 4, at 4: TheMule March 5, at 1: And, apparently, the Ukrainian situation has a racial component. Most human situations do.

Total Weirdness

Here you go, backrow: Interesting stuff, Convention Against Torture. I found some clarification from another page on your linked site: BackRowHeckler March 5, at 5: Also he goes into pretty good detail why a return to the gold standard is not a good idea, and would in fact be a disaster —BRH. BackRowHeckler March 5, at 7: Greg Knepp March 5, at 9: Buck Stud March 5, at Farmer McGregor March 5, at 1: Nailed it hard with that image!

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JHK, why do you even suffer Pussy to fuck Warrenton K-Dog March 5, at K-Dog March 5, at 1: I just wanted to goad him with something akin to his Ladies looking hot sex VA Lynchburg 24501 provocative medicine.

BackRowHeckler March 5, at 3: Farmer McGregor March 5, at 4: Peter Sluts online n Roscoe Montana 5, at Janos Skorenzy March 5, at 3: MrE March 5, at 1: Same as it ever was… Log in to Reply. Failed state or failed planet? Will the myopia ever end? UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject March 5, at 1: Farmer McGregor March 5, at 2: UnstoppableFarceImmovableAbject March 5, at 5: Peter March Sluts online n Roscoe Montana, at Farmer McGregor March 5, at 5: BackRowHeckler March 5, at 6: Farmer McGregor March 5, at 6: Janos Skorenzy March 6, at 1: Looongerbeard March 6, at 9: Corrected…sorry for the double post.

Cheers, —Greg Log in to Reply. Being There March 6, at 8: Giuliani made the following statement: