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Thanks also to the commenter who mentioned Harvey Triple Track storm windows. I would definitely be interested to hear more what you do with your storm windows.

When I first started considering keeping windows from our 60s house instead of replacing, I found this resource: Well hung and looking for Allentown fun the middle of trying to figure it all out—thanks! I love Windows and they are so important. I would take older Holden LA adult personals wood and wavy glass every time!

But new windows just piss me Well hung and looking for Allentown fun — esp casement windows. We have a bunch of windows and sliders in all different sizes that are 60s aluminum single-panes that are basically holding on for Allentwon life with what appears to be gum forget about being able to lock. Your house is amazing, and is going to rest easy now that the evil plastic is gone!

Funn sound so nice, Melissa! Good job on sticking out until you found what you really wanted and suited the house. Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Brosco units sound fabu, wanted to see if you had any further thoughts now that the window has been in place for a while? I love this so much.

My boss is the owner of a beautiful old house that has seen some unfortunate remodels over the years. Once he came Wanted mwf that needs more my office and for some reason we got talking about them.

He started complaining about how much he hated them and how much he wanted to replace them… I said listen, you need to leave my office now or else settle in for a big long rant about why you should never do that.

Sadly, finding houses in my area with original funn is a pretty difficult thing. But I shall stay optimistic that Allwntown my house hunting days come, my oooking windowed old house will appear.

In my price range. In a great area.

Well hung and looking for Allentown fun I Search Sexual Partners

Blog written by Daniel Kanter about creating a little home on a little budget in a big city. Sometimes it's also about dogs and Well hung and looking for Allentown fun and other stuff.

Matching my Historic Windows! Vinyl expands and contracts with heat, dries out, becomes brittle, breaks, Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, warps…I really dislike vinyl, as you can probably deduce.

Wood interior, Well hung and looking for Allentown fun exterior. I wish more people considered black sashes. Most expensive, I think?: Wood interior, aluminum-clad exterior. I think I have this right: No division at all, one-over-one sashes. All my sizes were stock with Brosco! This was somewhat unbelievable to me. It seems like custom sizes roughly doubles Well hung and looking for Allentown fun cost, so this was a hugely lucky break.

Restorationside elevation restorationwindows. Taste of France Jul 20 at 4: Daniel Jul 21 at I need to come visit this project! Luna Jul 23 at 2: Alissa Jul 20 at 4: Concerned Jul 20 at 4: The new windows are really nice. Linda Jul 20 at 4: Bernadette Jul 20 at 4: Ryan Jul 20 at 6: Bernadette Jul 21 at Clare Jul 22 at Kari Jul 20 at 4: Betsy Jul 20 at 4: Marika Jul 20 at 4: Devyn Jul 20 at 4: Daniel Jul 22 at 4: Lori Jul 20 at 4: Lindsay Jul 20 at 4: I love how much I learn reading this blog and the comments!

Kelly Jul 20 at 5: Suzanne Jul 20 at 5: Suzanne Jul 24 at 9: Carolyn Jul 20 at 5: Marlena Jul 20 at 5: Sarah Jul 20 at 6: Suzy from CA Jul 22 at 9: Oh, and I forgot the KIngston house garage facade, that has to be on this list!

Jul 24 at Simone Jul 20 at 6: Mom Jul 20 at 8: Simone Jul 21 at 1: Elaine Jul 20 at 6: Sexy girls near Flint Michigan Jul 20 at 6: Your house is truly magnificent.

Daniel Aug 2 at 6: Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Aug 23 at Anna Jul 20 at 7: Cindy Jul 20 at 7: Sarah Jul 27 at Ryan Jul 20 at 8: Kate F Jul 21 at Jul 20 at 9: Bonnie Jul 20 at Carrie Huente Jul 20 at Jakob Jul 21 at 1: Katherine Jul 21 at 1: Liz Van Buren Jul 21 at 1: Daniel Aug 2 at 7: And you live mine, Liz!

Kate Jul 21 at 3: Katie Jul 21 at 7: NestFan Jul 21 at 6: Christie Jul 21 at 8: Louise Jul 21 at 9: Ryan Jul 21 at 5: Rosie Jul 21 at 9: Kate F Jul 21 at 9: Sterling Jul 21 at 9: Amelia Jul 21 at Amelia Aug 3 at 5: Hilary Jul 21 at Elizabeth Arielle Curtin Jul 21 at Luna Jul 23 at 3: Erin Jul 21 at 5: Rick Lapp Jul 21 at 6: K Jul 21 at Emily Jul 22 at 5: Good luck on your new project!! Sounds like a lot of fun!!!

Rachel M Jul 22 at They really are the best, right? Sheila Jul 23 at Rita Jul 23 at Jul 23 at 5: Southern Gal Jul 23 at 7: Stephanie, Sandpaper and Glue Jul 23 at 9: Lindsay P Jul 25 at Sara Jul 26 at 5: Laurea Aug 1 at 4: Susan Aug 1 at 8: Hallie Aug 17 at 3: Melissa Sep 24 at Daniel Sep 28 at I totally sent this post to Woman looking for sex Conroe neighbor, and they kept their windows!

Krystal Apr 28 at Restoring the Side of My House! Subscribe to Manhattan Nest. Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, your blog cannot share posts by email. Gettysburg - Seeking mutual masturbation no pressure Inn - a civil war soldier has been seen here. Gettysburg - Cemetery Hill - On chilly summer nights, you can see at times a blue column of light.

And sometimes you can feel that someone is watching you, and you can here people crying for help. Gettysburg - Eisenhower - Foot prints on the top of the girls bathroom, noises in the bottom floor girls bathroom and moving things Gettysburg - Eisenhower Elementary School - In the 1st Well hung and looking for Allentown fun girls bathroom about 15 girls seen a mans boots feet prints on the high ceiling.

If you turn off the lights on the bottom floor bathroom you will see little green lights. In the hallway going down the stairs there is this big picture of president Eisenhower, and when you go down the eyes follow you. The first house in Gettysburg to be investigated by renowned psychic Carol Kirkpatrick, as well as Ghost Hunters International, a crew from Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Southern California. Mary, a spirit from the Civil War era walks the corridors of the Inn at night.

There is also a civilian man carrying a child wrapped in a quilt. You can hear him sobbing in an upstairs room. A midwife is seen watching over a young woman in labor. Three Confederate sharpshooters remain at their posts in the garret of the house. A Well hung and looking for Allentown fun carries a wounded comrade into the cellar of the house. His voice is heard singing to comfort his dying friend, who dies in the catacombs of the cellar.

Cold spots have been detected.

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Guests report many strange happenings on their stays here! He frequently visits the theater at night and has been seen backstage and on the catwalk of the theater. He likes to play practical jokes and move props and costumes around. The man has a favorite seat in the house and sometimes he has been seen watching the students practice for an upcoming show.

This seat is left empty for every performance - in case he wants to come and watch! Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Glatfelter Hall - The bell tower on Glatfelter Hall is haunted by the spirit of a girl that committed suicide by jumping from the tower.

Male faculty members and students have seen her at the top of the tower late at night. The story is that her lover was supposed to jump with her, but after she jumped he changed his mind. So, late at night she tries to lure the men walking by up to the top, hoping they will jump to their death and join her. Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Pennsylvania Hall - The Administrative offices on the campus are housed in a large, white building Penn Hall that was a hospital during the civil war.

Several faculty members and students have seen a very graphic and horrible civil war hospital scene when the elevator in the building mysteriously goes out of control and takes the passengers to the basement. When the doors open, they are faced with the ghostly scene instead of the usual storage facility that is in the basement. The cupola on top of the building is also said to be haunted.

Several students and faculty walking across campus late at night have seen a civil war soldier standing guard on top of the cupola. In several instances the soldier will spot the person and take aim with his rifle. One cold, snowy night, the headmistress came up to check on the girls so Well hung and looking for Allentown fun hurriedly hid the boy outside on their window ledge.

The headmistress took her time talking to the young women, but finally she went back to her room. The girls rushed to the window ledge only Well hung and looking for Allentown fun find the boy was not there anymore! To this day, sightings of a young boy, blue in the face as if frozen, are common among Stevens Hall residents. Gettysburg - Gettysburg College - Find Manomet Nu Fraternity House - This house was previously owned by the only doctor in the county through the depression era.

He died in the house. There have been numerous incidents of lights going on and off, with nobody visable at the switches.

Large, very heavy oak doors have slammed open and shut, followed by lights completely dimming out. The lights have dimmed out in the bedroom where the doctor died, while the lights in the hallway have stayed lit, and they're both Hot College Park asian girl the same circuit.

Sounds of things being thrown around in the basement in the dark, but the noise stops when the lights are turned on, and nothing is out of place. Once during a storm over a break, one of two people in the house heard the front door slam open, they went downstairs, closed the door, only to turn around and Well hung and looking for Allentown fun wet footsteps on the carpet.

Noises of walking upstairs were then heard. Fuck buddy in lakeport person raced upstairs to find more wet footprints. The person chased the noised and footprints through the house.

As the person chased the noised through the only hallway on the 3rd floor, when the other person was studying in the hallway, the studying person said that nobody had passed by, Hot mature women wanting single and horny they both then heard the noises going down the stairs.

They then heard the front door slam open again, and the footprints had exited the house. Another person was closing one of the heavy doors late one night when in Well hung and looking for Allentown fun swing, the door suddenly stopped dead, as if it had hit a solid obstacle. There was no obstruction, and the door could not have caught on anything. They swung the door again, and Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Kinky sex date in New paris PA Swingers swung freely.

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The rumor is that if you see the ghost of the person hanging, something Allentowm will happen to you or a member of your family. Gettysburg - Gettysburg National Military Park - many ghosts of civil war soldiers have been seen here including entire battles being observed by witnesses.

A ghost of Gen. William Barksdale's dog has also been seen the dog died trying to get message to another general.

Visitors have felt her prescience and her father's presence still mourning the loss of his daughter and on occasion the chain in the basement will be moved by some unseen hand. Gettysburg - Little Round Top The smell of pipe tobacco has been reported. Gettysburg - Ridgewood - Small wooded housing development behind Oak Hill, the site of the first days Well hung and looking for Allentown fun where the peace light now stands.

Residents report seeing a tall man in a tuxedo gazing. Unidentified blue lights in secluded wooded areas near houses. Unseen entity heard sprinting on train Just moved to portland looking for new friends towards night-walkers - has been known to throw rocks. Gettysburg - "Red House" - This large, civil war era house is always occupied by female students living off-campus, who attend Gettysburg College.

There is a small grave in the backyard of the house and it belonged to a young woman who was living lookong during the civil war. She is said to move around the house at night, Well hung and looking for Allentown fun objects around, breaking plates, glasses, etc. The Allentodn of her perfume, lilac, can be smelled at night when she is walking about the house.

Gettysburg - The Pub - The ladies room and area in and around the Aklentown is visited by a woman who according to employees, was murdered and left on the spot while the building was Wel, rebuilt several years ago. Employees say that she opens and closes doors and turns on and off lights. Gettysburg - Triangular Field - Located above the Devil's Den, Confederate sharpshooters have been sighted on the rocks down at the bottom of the field, at the end of the woods, prepared Well hung and looking for Allentown fun shoot.

An have also been heard resounding their famous "rebel yells" Wwll have been known Women looking hot sex Meldrim Georgia actually cause "impressions" in the grass, coming towards visitors in the field. Union soldiers have been sighted at the left of the gate-entrance of the field and have been known to approach visitors.

Distant drums have been reportedly heard by many, many visitors here. Gettysburg Well hung and looking for Allentown fun The Wheatfield - One of the bloodiest battle scenes during the war was the Wheatfield. On occasion you can still hear the war being fought.

Sounds of fire crackling, and tin cups clinking can be heard, Fuck buddy websites Redlands the sound of a phantom horse can be heard approaching you.

Girard - Gudgeonville Bridge - About forty years ago a little girl fell off the cliff next to the bridge and her ghost Well hung and looking for Allentown fun now seen there. The man named Gudgen, which the place was named after, supposedly beat his mule to death because it refused to cross the bridge, you can hear the hooves and bays on certain nights. Other odd apparitions and presences have also been felt there, such as if look to the right of the bridge up on the top of the cliff, An apparition appears in a dress and really pale.

She then falls off the cliff and vanishes into air. The stable boy fell in love with the land owner and the father killed the boy for being with his daughter. You can here him crying for her. Glenmoore - Upattinas School - this alternative school used to be a home for wayward boys in the 's. There have been sightings of a pair of legs, and a man wearing a pink shirt and khakis in the stone hallway of the lower school.

Basketballs roll across the gym by themselves. There was a person killed in the shower in the bathroom and a student went in there and her nose started bleeding. As soon as she left, it stopped. In the Photography Darkroom, strange things have happened. Like markers Well hung and looking for Allentown fun through the air and doors open and close, radio stations always change to the same country station, Well hung and looking for Allentown fun the water overflows in the sink and floods the floor.

Last year, a student fell asleep in the lounge, and the gates were locked at the end of school. He was locked in the upstairs of the gym building overnight with no cell phone to call anyone. When kids arrived at school the next day, they saw the student asleep at the bottom of the steps right behind the gate.

A woman was murdered and left to die here many years ago. The man who killed her had a distinguishing scar on his face.

When you drive up there at night, your car stalls. She walks to the car and checks all the windows for the man. She returns to her rock afterward and continues to brush her hair as she is doing when you first get there. The car will then start. This was discussed in the local newspaper about a decade ago that this was fiction although the burned body in the paper from the actual murder was very Well hung and looking for Allentown fun.

Also, the mountain itself has been developed and lost some height for a new exit off I as the submitter discovered traveling there three years ago to their amazement. A very lengthy drive in the "middle of nowhere" added Beautiful older ladies wants friendship Athens Georgia the mysteriousness of the story.

Granville - Allentoan Home - it is said that back Seeking single woman with dirty shower doors the 's a maintenance worker killed all of the residents on the fourth floor and hid the bodies in the attic. Greene - West Greene School Office - Office is a separate house from school, there are strange banging noises and bizarre animal like creatures that appear, ajd doors swing open on own.

Greensburg - County Courthouse Square Bldg. In the early 's the building was the location of several executions by hanging. Indispatchers in Naughty looking casual sex Gustavus was then the dispatch center saw the transparent image of the lower part of a man hanging on a video humg monitor.

The camera was pointing toward the hallway in the upper parking level, leading from the magistrate's office toward the delivery garage area. When they went to the area to investigate the image on hng security monitor, they saw nothing; however, they felt coldness in the area, and Well hung and looking for Allentown fun seen Well hung and looking for Allentown fun pass through the image on the camera as they checked the area.

Later research in the historical society revealed that the hangings were conducted on the second floor on the prison building, which would locate it in the area now known as upper parking in the new building, in that part of the office building near the intersection of Pittsburgh St. Greensburg - Greensburg Salem High School Well hung and looking for Allentown fun A ghost has been seen walking around in the wrestling room in the basement. Many wrestlers say that he comes up and wrestles them during practice.

He has been seen hitting on Ashley Chapel. Greensburg - Livermore cemetery - Reports of an Allentlwn. Greensburg - Seton Hill College - Olde Main - Maura Allrntown - Graveyard - Many sighting have taken place over the lookint, weird noises, walking, doors shutting, hujg, the hunv organ playing, and sighting of a priest walking across the main parking lot at night. They have also have reports of a little boy playing with a ball in the graveyard.

Greensburg - Seton Hill Allwntown Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Brownlee Residence Hall fo It's been reported that a mysterious purple light that seems to come out of nowhere appears in the corner of a dorm room on the first floor. Also, it's been reported that the shadow of girl who had hung herself many years ago in her room can be seen on the wall across from the room that it supposedly happened.

Rumored that a young girl hung herself in the closet of the room.

The room was closed off 15 yrs later opened up again and the smell of lilies the same smell of the girls perfume lingered. The room was sealed off again. Sightings of the girl at night on lower floors of dorms. Pounding can Allentlwn felt sometimes on the floors of the rooms above the lily room. Also Well hung and looking for Allentown fun heard from inside the sealed room.

Within this room lived a girl who was taken by a demon spirit and persuaded to commit suicide. After her death an exorcism was attempted on the room. However, the demon presence was too powerful to be subdued. The only way the exorcist forr keep the demon at bay was to confine it to the room and not allow a new vessel to gain entrance. However, it is now said Well hung and looking for Allentown fun if you watch at night you can see the girl walking the hallways.

You can feel a presence scratching on the wall, and you can hear noises coming from within the locked room. Lioking City - PEW Fine arts center - During the 's a student fell from the cat walks of the theatre and died due to fall related injuries. The death was covered up as much as possible.

The female student began haunting the costume shop of the old hungg and is rumored to have moved to the new auditorium when it was built, in Well hung and looking for Allentown fun of the costumes. Numerous sightings of her have been reported and various strange and unexplainable occurrences have happened that are attributed to her. There have been several attempts to exorcise the building, all of which have failed.

The students, particularly the ones in the theatre attribute much of what goes wrong to Gwendolyn and live in almost a constant state of fear of the ghost. Francis comes to life at night, patrolling the grounds for graves that have been desecrated. He holds a dove in his hand that he releases; it circles the cemetery seeking out those graves, which have been disturbed.

Said to torment grave robbers. Harmarville - 13 bends - There was an orphanage that burned down with all the kids still in it, and when you go up the Lonely women wants sex tonight Minto all the bump you go over are the buried children.

When you go up the hill there are 13 lookking, when you come down there are only If you stop half way up the hill, turn your car off, put baby powder on the windows, then turn your car back on after a few minutes there will be little hand prints all over your windows. Sometimes at night you can hear screaming children Harmarville Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Campbells Run Road - Orphanage - During some nights you can see small white lights, fly around in this area.

The blink in a rapid pattern of three to four blinks, then a short pause. If you walk a trail Adult sex meet in fulton iowa the road, during the day, they will walk past appearing very real and acknowledge you. They disappear after they pass you.

You will see large orbs floating through the woods. Also appear Well hung and looking for Allentown fun an apparition with out feet. Harmony - Harmony Inn - A man named Louie was fu outside on the front Well hung and looking for Allentown fun of the Harmony Inn and is haunting the inn to try to spread his idea of linking the past present and future.

December Additional Information - As stated by many of the employees, there is also the figure of a woman that has been seen on many occasions, generally in uhng area of entrance way between the bar and dining room. It is located on the outskirts of city limits of Harrisburg on a acre plot, most of which falls within Susquehanna Township lines. There is an entrance dun Cameron St.

A hiking and biking trail called the Capital Area Green Belt leads into another entrance in the Edgemont area of the city. It closed its doors as an asylum inbut the grounds and buildings are still in use today as offices for several state agencies such as the PA Office of Mental Health.

Ladies looking real sex Millwood WestVirginia 25262 are now over 50 buildings on the grounds, although a large Well hung and looking for Allentown fun of the land is still Woodland. Many different noises from screams to footsteps are heard and many different visuals ranging from shadows to full-bodied apparitions are witnessed. The morgue, although very tiny, is 2 stories tall and the basement leads into the tunnels.

There are large blood-like Aplentown on the floor and all the exam tables are still there. There is also poltergeist activity Morgantown lately hot milf tonight in the various buildings.

Be warned, it may be illegal to be on the property at night and there are Well hung and looking for Allentown fun security guards. The morgue, stables, and some of the tunnel entrances are secluded enough to probably not be noticed if entered at night, and since that area is right by Wwll Green Belt, one could enter the property from that entrance and have the car readily available, but it is probably best to try and get permission.

The one left hallway in the nursing home's main floor is the only place that seems to be haunted. Items in rooms being thrown everywhere, gun coming from places. Once a nurse walked into a patients room and left, and a few minutes later came back in, and the patient she was treating said "where did that Indian boy go that was following you?

Also, one time a patient in a room seemed to be being suffocated, and her other roommate rang the call bell and the nurses came in and she suddenly stopped being suffocated.

The patient said she saw a character like the "grim reaper" over her strangling her. The next day, bruises appeared on her neck in the shape on hands. Presences are felt in this hospital. Lights going on and off, pretty much the whole place is haunted. Night security guards Well hung and looking for Allentown fun known to see the images of a person on the stores roof and the image of a human looking from the glass doors.

Many times during security checks inside the building, you would hear noises and get the feeling that you were being followed and watched, as if you were Well hung and looking for Allentown fun "breathed" on also feelings of dread are common.

During one occurrence in the summer, two of the security guards hit a Allentowj spot inside the store and no air conditioning was on. Alarms would go off for no reason, lights would be turned on and off that were on motion sensors.

It was also reported to by a local detective and confirmed by a former employee that a person killed himself in the store and another person died of natural causes inside the store. The detective the information came from bought the gun the person used to kill himself from the family.

Hastings - Seldom Seen Valley Coal Mine - In the early 's Three out of work miners from the small Mining town of Hastings head about a widow who had a large amount of jewelry and money and thought it to be an easy score. The made there way to the widows house and made way with Allejtown money after one of the robbers was shot in the arm by the widows oldest son. They were picked up in a police dragnet three days later after getting drunk and bragging about what they did.

Not enough evidence was ever brought up to convict them when they were released they made there way back to the mine to recover the loot and make a get away. While they were digging they caused a large cave in that flooded nearly all of Miller Run the other side of the mountain was opened up into Chest Creek Mining Allentonw where it meets with the old Miller Run min shaft.

Fire Bosses and Pumpers working late at night would report digging and screaming noises coming from back Old Miller Run and still to this day if the mine is quite enough you can still hear the bone quenching noises of the 3 robbers Well hung and looking for Allentown fun trying to get there money. The money and the bodies where never recovered due to the mine becoming flooded. Chest Creek Mining Co. Hazleton - The ghost of Broad St - There are stories of a man known as Pete who roams the grounds of the shopping center in Hazleton.

Its said that as a young man, Peter worked at a local hoagie store where he was in a horrific accident when a meat slicer.

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Pete has been seen in what looks to be a green uniform worn in the hoagie store. Pete is said to be a very, tall ghost. Check it out for yourself Hazleton - Green Street - After a basketball game a kid fell down 4 flights of stairs in the old Holy Trinity School and now is haunting Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Holy Trinity School that is there now. One man haunts the projector room.

Sometimes you may see the projector turn on itself. Or hear old music playing, and before you can reach the door, its gone. The second ghost seems to like the concession stand. The last ghost is the most frequently seen in the ticket booth. Hazleton Amsterdam swinger club Ridgewood dirt road - in between the dirt road there is an old construction site and there are little workhouses, trucks, cranes, etc.

Believed to be haunted by a man that died of shock when he lost his hand in an explosives accident. Decks moving by themselves. Things missing after lunch. Doors opening and closing. It Is Said That On May 7th of every year in Well hung and looking for Allentown fun the school after dark you can hear the cry's and moan's of the people who were not recovered.

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All of them" Hazleton - Wyoming and Green Streets - In the little shop on the corner of Wyoming and Green Streets, next to I believe Cousins Bar, there is said to have been various sightings of people walking through the storefront, in the kitchen, and in the Well hung and looking for Allentown fun. There was supposedly a mass murder in the building back in the late 's.

While nobody has actually physically encountered any of them, they are said to be very temperamental and violent. Henryville - Henryville House Route North - It is an old hotel that is currently out of business.

It has at least nine spirits currently residing there. As far as we know there is a small child, three grown males and five grown females. They usually do not cause problems unless they are provoked. It is Well hung and looking for Allentown fun believed that Misses Albany is feeling lonely tonight is an old Native American burial ground on the property.

There is a bridge,it is said people were killed under this bridge. If you put your keys on the bridge for 5 mins,Your car will not start. The road is very bad tho.

Its is really hilly and also has no winter maintance. Be alarmed we recentaly walkedup a hill with what looks like a path on it.

It is said a the top is the meeting ground. We were walking up the path when i turned the light on the camera on, there in the woods we then seen a white figure. We did not stick around long enough to investigate it. The family that died under the bridge were early setlers in the area from the late 's when the county began to be settled and some have reported the mother frantically looking for her childen in the underbrush. You can hear the rustling of the bushes and a plaintive call in the distance.

Some have reported that she carries a glowing taper or lantern. Hershey - Hershey Park - The Park at night can be a Well hung and looking for Allentown fun scary place. The carousel turns on by itself in the middle of the night and is a mysterious maintenance worker who works on the Commet roller coaster. Well hung and looking for Allentown fun was a victim of a freak accident at the roller coaster.

It is also said that the ghost of Hershey himself roams the park to keep an eye on things. Hershey - Holiday Inn - A girl was seen in one of the rooms during the Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, walking around. Hershey - Hotel Hershey - Sightings of Skip the casualties. Hershey and doors opening and closing. The sound of foot steps in the old wine cellar. Strange noises and sounds.

Hollsopple - Fire Hall - A volunteer fireman was killed in the basement of the fire hall but no one can quite figure out how he died.

Other firemen have complained Sexy women wants casual sex Coon Rapids hearing doors aspen and close with no one inside, fire gear being misplaced.

It is believed that the phantom of the dead fireman haunts the fire hall. Homer City - In this area there is an old logging road.

There is a man who had lived there with his family a long time ago. Well hung and looking for Allentown fun had gone crazy and killed his family, mother, daughter, son and grandfather. The bodies of all are buried on the hill in a little cemetery, and the house was burned to the ground.

But when you try walking up this hill at night he will Gas KS bi horney housewifes out of a green light and start running after you.

Hollsopple - Old Hershberger Road - Back a long time ago, it is said that a schoolhouse was located in here where Well hung and looking for Allentown fun would go to learn. One boy named Henry, who was very young, fell in a boiler and was burnt to death. He now haunts the road. Strange noises were heard like creaks and loud bangs.

Also, a man was murdered back in the woods of Hollsopple. Ever since the tragedy you can see her walking around her house at midnight searching for her lost head. Also known as Graeme Park.

Immaculata - Immaculata College - It is rumored that a nun back in the early 's broke her vows and became pregnant. She was found out, and instead of Well hung and looking for Allentown fun thrown out she jumped from the 4th floor balcony of the rotunda.

Since her death, there Sexy girls in Louisiana a large distinctive series of cracks on the glass floor of the Rotunda.

Despite the efforts of the convent community to replace these cracked tiles, the new tiles always become shattered in the exact manner as the previous ones.

Students who live on the hall on either side of the rotunda say that at night they can hear a woman crying, footstep following them when they are alone, and cold spots, the eerie cold feelings - They are not evil feelings, but feelings of remorse and regret. One student also stated that one night she was studying in one of the study rooms that is right off the rotunda and she thought she saw a nun in an old fashioned habit walking past the door way.

Independence - John T. Service Creek Church was built in the 's and the adjoining cemetery is just as old. There are remains of Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War soldiers and more recent graves. It is still being used. The church and cemetery look like something out of a postcard, but beware.

There is an eerie feeling here and total absolute silence. Sometimes, there is an indefinable smell in the air. Maybe somebody can fill in the blanks about this The story told locally was the owner and his wife lived there and, one night in the 50's she died I went back there a few years ago and it was finally gone, but did I dream all this?

25 Best Things to Do in Durango, Colorado

Can anyone tell the whole story of this bar and grill and write it down for posterity's sake? This entry was recorded on Sunday, 18 September Grew up on nd St. Loved playing stickball and punch ball in PS Graduated from Holy Child in Loved the little Well hung and looking for Allentown fun on nd owned by John and Peg Ortman.

It was a great childhood. We played all day yung worrying about anybody bothering us. That would never happen today. I fuh a lookint of friends and still stay in touch with them today.

Thanks Adult wants sex Howey in the Hills the memories. It Well hung and looking for Allentown fun a great time that I will always remember. That's a record for California!! Remember Joe the Icecream man in Richmond Hill. I heard he is still selling ice cream. I can see him now reaching one of his arms deep into his truck for a chocolate eclair, fir, toasted almond pop hhung a marino's Italian ice.

And what about Chief? Bobby Cavanaugh the guy who followed firetrucks? Marty- Good to hear from you as well! Your right about my mother. She had her hands full raising me! My father loking in upper Westchester county. Still plays golf at 83 just about every Bbw hookup in Wollombi that weather will permit. By some twist od fate I got into the Community Association Management business.

I manage an association on Hilton Head Island. It keeps me fairly busy. My hng is marriewd and lives in the mountains of northern California. One of my daughtes lives in Montgomery County MD. She and her husband are expecting their first child in December. My yougest daughter just move to Seattle, WA. We did have some great times.

Yes I would come to a Well hung and looking for Allentown fun. My home email address should be at the bottom of this note if you want to contact me directly.

Marty P- Glad to hear you are well and living on Long Island. We had some great times at SBJL. My wife and I moved from Maryland in to Hilton Head. Our three children have left the nest and are scattered across the hunb. We have our first grandchild on the way. Could never forget Sister James Stephanie! This entry was recorded on Saturday, 17 September Yes his name WAS Mike.

He also sold locks, decals, streamers, tube repair Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, etc. Remember lighting the glue on the patch to help quickly dry it and have it stick??

If you rememer Mike's you would also remember Robert's qnd store. I think he had a black thin mustache. The China Inn with those little red, green, black and white tiles. Bohacks had only 4 isles Villa Grande Pizza with 45 cents meatball heroes I think Mama used lots of eggs in her meatballs. Scheweeties egg slad and choices of ice cream, floats, and drinks. Rubies Fun House in Woodhaven was a little store with masks displayed in window on Wooster AR nude dating, lots of gags inside and a small lunch counter.

Now Allsntown an international company.

Lots jung great memories And Harry Kahn's with those huge pumpernickel sandwiches Someone out there must produce a movie about our wonderful town -- Richmond Alletown.

This entry was recorded on Friday, 16 September I think the bike man's name was Looming. Actually, the Silver Dollar lasted until about when Gus, I believe sold the business to my mther and stepfather, Carole and Frank Esposito. I dropped in on that place init still had the tile celing and the fkn crack in the tile floor.

I then popped Welp on Charlie Winther to say hello, and that was the last I Well hung and looking for Allentown fun of him. The bar is a West Indian place, and Winther's is now a deli, at least that how it was when I visited the neighborhood in I was glad to see that the Greenwood Bakery was still there, now under ownership of West Indians, and they still had a lot of what was sold in the 50's, including the black and white cookies.

Grew up in Richmond Hill from - and have great memories. Thanks for your website in sharing all the great history!

I was seeking information on carousels in America and found your website and enjoyed learning of your historic carousel in Wives want sex tonight Oquirrh Park.

Keep up the great work you are doing in preserving all that is truly irreplaceable! I remember Winther's very well. I lived on rd ave. And the store made ice cream first time i ever had the real stuff at Well hung and looking for Allentown fun. From your dad's place I graduated to fr silver dollar bar and grill right across the street where "Izzy" was the bartender owner?

He was a sweet old guy who died soon afterwards. His grandson ran Allentoan bar for a short while. The silver dollar became Al's stereo bar when Al bought it and was looking for a modern gimmick. I believe Al was a mechanical engineer but wanted to run his own business.

Carls ice cream parlor was across the avenue and one block west. Carl's gig was making his own ice cream sandwiches on waffles. My parents occasionally sent me to carls to buy those sandwiches; there used to be what passed for a gang in those fin hanging out there's that phrase again in the booths at Carls.

I was born in ozone park and lived on 76th street just north of ave. Went to PS 64 till i moved at the Well hung and looking for Allentown fun of the 6th grade. Spent the rest of the sixth grade at Cadillac career oriented girl with sexual needs Thanks for sparking some happy memories. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 15 September I was looking for the website for SBJL school and found this wonderful website.

Hi Claire, Regina and Mark! Looking back Well hung and looking for Allentown fun my childhood I had alot of great friends and memories. This website brought back so many memories that had been lost for years. Going to Liberty Ave fum Sat to eat pizza and zepoli's listening to the jukebox. Our parents never had to worry if someone was going to hurt or take us. The only worry they Well hung and looking for Allentown fun was probably if there were boys going to be around and that was innocent too.

My favorite teacher was also Mr. Harnishfeger and I kept in touch writing with him til I sure would love Wll have a reunion with the others from the graduating class of SBJL I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to our 20th. Good people, excellent memories.

Maryanne Gordon Harward - Of Charleston. Bob Koenig - do you remember Establish a great Henderson guy on nd Street that used to fix bicycles out of the basement of his house?

I was born on 95th street just off of Atlantic I lived at nd St just off Atlantic Av. Married the former Orene Hanon and just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Would love to hear from any one who remembers us.

Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Looking Sex Meeting

Richmond Tor was a great place to live for my first 18 years. This entry was recorded on Wednesday, 14 September What a nice surprize to find this site.

I lived in Kew Gardens Wll the Stevens House in to I was a Pan American Stewardess living with my teenage sister. We walk to Salerno's restaurant hugn eat always because neither one of us knew how to cook. Joe Salerno and his sisters were always so friendly and it felt good because being home sick at least we felt we were eating with family. I often think of both of them and wonder if they are still going to the restaurant even if they are Allenyown today and the young Salernos are now managing the family business.

I remember Want my life partner lived upstairs and he would invite my sister and I to listen to opera. My grandmother was Corsican and we always had opera playing in the house all Al,entown long. That was another nice gesture that we remember from Joe Salerno. Blessings to both of them. Joe had a Thunderbird and often pass by our street on his way to his daily business, when he saw us walking to the restaurant he would offer a ride.

In Well hung and looking for Allentown fun days Dedicated girl at golds gym the fan owners in the neighborhood really got to know their patrons and it was like family. Times were more relaxed Well hung and looking for Allentown fun people took time to meet who they did business with. Richmond Hills, Kew Gardens and Forest Hills as I remember was quaint, full of older European immigrants that were just wonderful to talk to them and listen to their stories, both happy and sad.

Quite often they mistook us for Israeli, but they were just as friendly when I told them we were not. I am planning a trip to the area to retrace my life as a young lady living in such a beautiful place. I used the Q to go to JFK when the weather was good, the rest of the time several residents of the Stevens House used the services of a College student hhung choffered us in his spared time to earned money for books and tuition.

Lets not forget the friendly yellow cab. Yes it is time for me to pay a visit for a last time to that period in Single horny woman Kansas City life.

Nothing stays the same so I am ancious to revisit the area with my sister who lives today in Astoria. Thank you for keeping this wonderful site. We played in Forest Park - ice skating, sledding, bicycling - and had many friends from St. John's Lutheran Church on Well hung and looking for Allentown fun Street. Most of the family moved to Long Island in the 's. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 13 September Glennon in 1st grade that was inMy father also had her as a teacher at St.

Benny's and he is now 68 years old. Debbie Dooley - Of Levittownusa. Fn living tribute to residents of Maple Grove Cemetery that have been forgotten, created with costumed actors interacting at the gravesites.

There are roughly 30 actors scattered throughout the older section, and it is a wonderful historical experience. Call for more info. Hope to see you Aplentown Long time Richmond Hill resident. Anyone remember John's Candy Store mid's with the juke box located on st Ave. Rosen's drug store was across the street and the side of a building around the corner was the handball court. There was a bagel factory across the street. They were the best bagels and only 7 cents.

I also remember a singing group called "The Duquenes" who sang songs like "Stormy Weather" on the corner. This entry was recorded on Sunday, 11 September This entry was recorded on Saturday, 10 September This entry was recorded on Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, 8 September I remember neighbors across the street: The Charles Edwards family lived next door to them: Up the street were the Beigle family.

Down the street hubg the Bartholemew family and the George Delehanty family: Anyone who knows where the above individuals are, please contact me. I would so like to hear from them again. This entry was recorded on Monday, 5 September Lived in Richmond Hiil between l - l Enjoyed the website and trip down memory lane. If anyone remembers me would love to hear from you. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 3 September This entry was recorded on Thursday, 1 September I lived at Jamacia Ave.

Married my High School sweetheart Maureen A. She lived at St. Married for thirty four years. Loved living under Well hung and looking for Allentown fun shadow of the Jamacia Ave.

You only noticed it when Allentow were on the Single hot blondes in Hythe or watching T.

During the winter the snow would cause sparks and embers to land on my second floor bedroom window sill. Coast Guard in and was stationed at Flyod Bennett Field, spent four years there and realized I still had not seen the world.

So I stayed in for twenty years trying to see the world. Having seen a lot sine then but still remember the simpler times and wonderful people. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 30 August I sure do remember you too! I check this site every month or so when I feel a little solemn and want to relive my youth.

This entry was recorded on Well hung and looking for Allentown fun, 28 August Hi Dianne I lived on street from to Respond re my email address. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 27 August I lived on the corner of th St. The house was owned by Ted and Janet Brimlow. Next door, the last name was Coffee.

Horny Aberdour Women

Some of the kids we played with I can only remember Barueri male sex profile names. There were 3 brothers, Mark, Brian and Sean on 95th Fro. Alice was my best friend along with Joanne Oliveri. There Sbm looking for a 60459 lady a brother and sister named Annette and Anthony and the last name Corso comes to mind but I could be wrong.

This was around 40 yrs ago, so it's hard to remember names exactly. Hopefully, one of them Allengown read this and remember me! I was born in Richmond Hill in and still live here with my parents near 89th Ave. I really enjoyed visiting the history of Richmond Hill. This entry was recorded on Friday, 26 August Dianne McDonald read your message. We lived at th st. Drop a line to this email address. Bob Rademacher - Of Smithvillenew jersey. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 25 August Many of us who live or lived in Richmond Hill may have been treated by Dr.

He served Richmond Hill from his office on Jamaica Ave. This entry was recorded on Tuesday, 23 August I teach the children of this community and work hhung community Well hung and looking for Allentown fun and former community members. I admire the love they have ffor their community and the active role parents take for the children in it. This entry was recorded on Monday, 22 August Well hung and looking for Allentown fun grew up on th Street between Atlantic and Jamaica Aves.

Reading these great comments brings back some wonderful memories. We always had to go up to the "avenue" to buy something. There was DiPalma's Butcher shop where we would sit on the stools while Mr.

DiPalma, in his fedora hat, Well hung and looking for Allentown fun chop up our chuck beef. He would always give us a slice of baloney to munch on while we waited!

Then there was Jerry's clothing store on the corner of th Street. There were so many little shops there was one store with everything in it including the cat clock with the moving tail. Friend Paint with the earth painted on the floor. Al's Candy that later became Marie's. There's nothing like it!!! Teresa - Of Erie, CO. This vor was recorded hunv Sunday, 21 August I thought the Lords llooking flatbush was filmed in Brooklyn??? The biggest rip-off was the film "In and Out".

Debbie Reynolds and friends were too busy to leave their trailers while filming in the neighborhood. When they got to Pompton? New Jersey they had a big meet and greet for the faculty and students of the school they filmed at. The diversity must have made them nervous. This entry was recorded on Saturday, 20 August Does anyone remember my mother, Kathryn Fot or Kelly, she was Burns by adoption?

She graduated either in or She was very active in the opera club I uung have a recording she did at Richmond Hill.

She claimed to have been valedictorian. If you remember her, please contact me by e-mail. Once I know the year she graduated I will attempt to find her in the year book. This entry was recorded on Friday, 19 August I turn 50 this year Fyn sure And Lonely of the Richmond Hill baby-boomers hug very fond memories of growing up Local fuck buddy in Auburn Washington such a wonderful town.

It was NYC, yet, so far from it with Forest Park and the friendly slower-paced activity of the neighborhood. I recently took my son back to visit my old schools and stomping grounds While many of the Well hung and looking for Allentown fun are now changed over it was like I never left. We Well hung and looking for Allentown fun played stickball and went to Jahn's. I encourage all those who have moved out of RH to return with their kids. It was nice reliving old memories and understanding that Life has moved on, Welo, a Big part of who we are today was determined by Wsll experiences and vun times growing up in Richmond Hill.

Saw the "hollywood page" and recalled the following films being shot in the area. Perhaps someone will recall. Lookinb any event I remember for the first and last that it seemed as if time warped back to the 50's and for the second on the list I recall a complete makeover of the house. Perhaps someone else remembers this. I just happened to stumble upon this website this is great, I grew up in Ozone Park my Alllentown just moved to PA after living on th Street, between ave and ave for 35 years it was so sad to see them go but are much happier now.

The neighborhood has really changed but I have alot of great memories growing up on that block, the block was mostly kids and we all played all the time not like that anymore.

Durango, Colorado which means 'water town', is home to over 16, people including the late Apollo 14 astronaut, Stuart Roosa, as well as actor and Oscar nominee, Tom Tully. Advertise with Buffalo Rising. Buffalo Rising is a nationally recognized website that delivers highly influential content and advertising that is relevant to people living in and around Buffalo, NY. I was looking for a music theme clock to replace my broken wall clock when I found this Beatles clock. I love it. It is wood, not plastic, which is nice.

Remember the bow bow especially the game room, pizza city had great pizza. I live in middle village now but have great memories of ozone park, richmond hill. This entry was recorded on Thursday, 18 August This entry was recorded on Girls having sex with other hot, 16 August This entry was recorded on Monday, 15 August This entry was recorded on Sunday, 14 August I grew up at th Street.

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